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The most challenging aspect of creating your blog pieces is attracting a large audience and building a strong network of active and engaged readers.

This week, we want to share our experience on how to effectively increase traffic to your posts so that you not only enjoy blogging on Niume, but also make a profit from your own work.

We’ve created a general guideline that covers a range of different methods you need to get familiar with in order to maximise the productivity of your work and attract the desired audience. Have a look:


Keeping the standard of your posts high

1. Plan your post, create a clear structure

Before you start typing all you want to say, spend a minute coming up with a plan and a clear structure for your post. Aim for a compelling text that is easy to read.

Pick a smart and catchy title! Your headline gets read more than anything else on your post. In fact, 80% of people will read your title but only 20% of them will read the rest. The main goal of your headline is to grab attention so people feel compelled to read your opening. Write a short introduction to give your readers a hint of what they’re about to get into. Divide your main text into paragraphs and spread it over multiple pages to avoid exhausting your readers with never-ending passages of text.



2. Formatting

Pay attention to formatting – bolding important segments of your sentences, using sub-headings to break longer text into sections and adding titles and subtitles. This will keep your readers engaged. Nobody wants to read a huge section of text!


3. Include good quality images / videos

Having an image makes your content look so much better! Images also help you grab lots of traffic from image search engines. Specifically focus on the first image in the post as it will be the first thing your reader will see. Make sure your visual material is of a high definition. The better the visual quality your post presents, the bigger audience it will attract (and the higher revenue you’ll receive). It’ll also increase the chances for your work to get featured which will provide you with even more readers. Add a video if you have one and some relevant links (like sources, social media profiles or other blogs). The more visual a blog post is, the better!


4. Proofread. Proofread. Proofread.

Before you share your hard work with all your potential readers, give yourself some time to re-read it in order to avoid any kind of spelling or grammar mistakes that could create the wrong kind of impression.

There are plenty of methods you could use to perfect your finalised piece. Start at the beginning and read it all to the end – reading it out loud is always helpful as it forces you to fully concentrate on the text. Look for mistakes, you don’t want anyone else to spot them. Make sure your text is correctly formulated and your expression easy to follow.


Optimise your outreach

Taking advantage of Social Media

The most efficient way to increase your visibility and ultimately build up higher revenue on Niume is to share your posts across various social media channels so that they reach as many readers as possible. The built-in social media sharing tools at Niume allow you to distribute your work so that it can be continuously discovered by new readers. From there, you can build a strong and engaged audience. Simply use these tools wisely and consistently to get the best outcome:


5. Flipboard – a definite must-use! It is easy to drive tens of thousands of people per month to your articles using Flipboard and it only takes few minutes to set up and few seconds to share your articles. Just sign up to and create a couple of magazines, one for each topic you write about. Subsequently, just make sure that when you create a post you share it in one of your magazines and watch the magic happen. To make it work even better and faster you can find accounts similar to yours and follow their followers to increase your reach.


6. Stumbleupon – another easy to use content aggregator with a massive audience. Just join Stumbleand submit your posts in the relevant category. It works best if other Stumblers submit your link as well.


7. Reddit – fast and effective, providing you with a great opportunity to be seen by a vast community. Reddit has great potential but it takes a bit of understanding. Make sure you read the Reddiquette to understand the platform’s best practices. Explore the subreddits and find the best ones for you and your content. Start here


8. Twitter – the more you use it, the more enjoyable and rewarding it will become! Don’t be afraid of tweeting the same post a couple of times a day. You can always change the text of your tweet by referring to different points you make in your blog piece. Your followers are online at different times and they will only see your post in their feed if they are online just after you posted it.


9. Facebook – perhaps the easiest to use to share your pieces with all your friends. Don’t forget about groups. You can find big communities around a specific topic which would be happy to read and share your articles and the growing Niume Writers Community is a great place to share your writing.


10. Pinterest – a fantastic visual platform meant for sharing your photography and art.


11. Google Plus – a great driver of high quality traffic


12. Linkedin – for somewhat more serious and professional pieces.

To help you take the most of the particular platforms and their advantages, check out our post about increasing your visibility on social media.


Content ideas

With Niume you have a great opportunity to write about the things you care about. However, creating regular content is undeniably more difficult than it sounds. The most significant elements that need to be taken into consideration are a) providing a good quality content with high value; and b) keeping your readers engaged so that they want to come back for more. Self-promotion won’t do the trick, you need to get your readers hooked!

Here are some ideas to get you started:


13. Interviews – interviewing other people can be greatly beneficial as it widens your online network, demonstrates that you have interest in the work of others, and provides your blog pieces with a variety of topics.


14. Lists – lists are incredibly easy to create and people love reading them. Don’t forget to include images that illustrate your points and success is guaranteed!


15. Reviews – sharing your honest opinion about something you’ve experienced can not only attract readers to find out something about the product / service, it’s most likely going to help them decide whether or not to purchase it.


16. Thought-pieces – if to critically analyse a situation sounds like your cup of tea, well-written thought pieces could to the trick for you. To offer a strong material with different perspective can be highly impressive for a lot of readers out there.


17. Experiences – take your readers on a journey with you, show them all the impressive places and you might even inspire them to take their own journey. Make sure to add plenty of images as they’re essential to your story.


18. The latest news – excellent opportunity to get involved in a wider discussion about the trending topics. Given that there’s never a shortage in information, you can add your voice into the debate and ask your readers to contribute.


19. Non-writing talents – if writing is not the only skill you possess, share it! You never know who might discover your talent, how you can connect with a wider community and what it might lead to.

Whatever topic you decide to explore, make sure you address it in your personal style. Let your own voice attract the readers. Think about who you are trying to address and what is the best method to do so. Be creative. You want to engage your readers and inspire them to come back for more. Be original. You want to stand out from the rest of the blogging fish in the sea.


Get involved in the community

With Niume, blogging is no longer a solo experience. Our spheres let you instantly connect with great amounts of bloggers that share your interests on a global scale. Take time to read your fellow sphere members’ pieces. Not only will you find hundreds of ideas for inspiration every day, but it will let you become a valued member of the community.

Specific actions you can take to increase your visibility within Niume community are:


20. Favouriting – a helpful way of keeping track of the posts that really impress you or you want to save them for later as it’s really easy to find all the articles you add to your favourites from your profile.


21. Hype – you can value different pieces of content by giving them positive hype or negative hype. Your rating will be completely anonymous, encouraging more honest feedback. By getting more hype you will increase the likelihood of your posts appearing on the Sphere’s Top Posts Sections, being featured by our staff, and showing up on Niume’s Popular Feed, all of which will increase the visibility of your posts.


22. Comment – the simplest action you can do when you find a post that stimulates you in any kind of way. Express your understanding, different opinion, or perhaps appreciation and let your fellow Niume members know that you’re interested in what they’ve got to say.


23. Subscribe – see a really good and informative post about an interesting topic that you never even heard of? Subscribe to the user and you won’t miss any of their future work, plus you might gain a new subscriber yourself!

Not to mention that all of these activities often cause reactions and you might be pleasantly surprised by the amount of support you can receive once you start supporting others. Just check out some of our immensely engaging Niumers who have set up a Facebook group enthusiastic about the Niume community. It’s a fantastic opportunity to start getting involved! Here’s the link.


24. Patience

Starting a blog is not the difficult part, however, to maintain it and keep going is. So don’t give up if you’re having a difficult couple of days and your work is not bringing you results you’d hoped for! Work on the imperfections and be patient with yourself. After all, the trick of becoming a successful blogger lies in resilience. Keep writing, finish your blog pieces even if it’s giving you a hard time, and practice the methods we’ve suggested!

Sourced from niume