T3’s roundup of the best media streamers available now

Media streamers are all about making your dumb TV smart: getting content from the web up on the big screen. They can transform the capabilities of older sets and usually offer more options and better features than the software built into more modern smart TVs. We think the Chromecast is currently the cream of the crop, but there are plenty of alternatives.

For this roundup we’ve selected the streamers that offer the best value and the most services (Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and so on).

How to choose the best media streamer for you

The best media streamer for your neighbour’s home cinema setup may not be the best media streamer for you. You need to weigh up the sort of content you want it to work with, whether that’s videos from the web or a local library stored on a hard drive, and the other devices and software it needs to be compatible with – the Apple TV works much better with an iPhone than a Samsung Galaxy S8, for instance.

It’s also important to bear in mind where you’ve invested all your money – Netflix? iTunes movies? Movies on Google Play? You can’t get all of these films on all of these streamers, so if you know at the outset what services need to be supported, your choice of devices can get narrowed down very quickly.

Without further ado, these are the five best media streamers you can buy today.

The 5 best media streamers you can buy today

1. Google Chromecast

Super cheap, super powerful

Doesn’t cost much at all
Works with iOS and Android
No local storage
Apps need Chromecast support

The humble Chromecast isn’t even a box, it’s a dongle. It can’t do anything without your phone or laptop. It has no settings or menus to speak of. So why is our number one choice?

First of all, versatility. At this point it’s easier to list the apps that don’t work with a Chromecast, because Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, iPlayer, Spotify, and many more all work seamlessly on Android or iOS. You can’t stream iTunes content though, or Amazon Video except via a web browser.

The Chromecast is simple to set up on any TV, costs much less than any other media streamer out there, and supports 4K on the latest model too. It’s not perfect, but it makes media streaming as simple as it should be.

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2. Roku Ultra

Versatile box of tricks

Supports lots of services
HDR and 4K support
No iTunes support
Relatively pricey

The recently revamped Roku series features the broadest range of content out there: Netflix, Google Play Movies & TV, Amazon Video, iPlayer and much more… just about anything except Apple’s digital libraries.

The Ultra box offers HDR, 4K and a powerful quad-core processor as well, though if you want to save yourself some money you can opt for a cheaper model. Everything connects up via HDMI and there’s a clever remote included too with voice search – you can even plug headphones into the remote to listen privately.

So why do we prefer the Chromecast? Google’s dongle is more portable and significantly cheaper, though there’s not much in it in terms of supported services.

3. Apple TV

Perfect for Apple fans

Works seamlessly with Apple services
Plenty of third-party apps
Limited support for non-Apple devices
No 4K streaming

If you absolutely have to watch content from Apple’s digital stores then the Apple TV is pretty much the best media streamer out there. It’s not just for iTunes though – there are apps for Netflix, catch-up TV and Plex, and you can watch Google Play Movies and TV content through the YouTube app, though it’s a bit of a clunky workaround.

There’s no Spotify app and no app for Amazon Video, so you miss out there, but – this being Apple – the interface is polished and professional, and you get a whole host of other apps, from games to photo managers.

An Apple TV only really makes sense if you’re already invested heavily in iPhones, Macs, and iTunes – and then it makes a lot of sense, which is why it’s right in the middle spot in our media streamer rundown.

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4. Amazon Fire TV

For those in Amazon’s ecosystem

4K support
Wide selection of apps
Doesn’t work well with Apple and Google services
No Alexa on board

Amazon doesn’t like making its video streaming service available on other streamers, so the Amazon Fire TV is a solid choice if you’ve signed up for Amazon Video and want to watch it on the big screen. The latest model is 4K compatible too, and you can even play games on it.

Big name apps like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, TV catch-up apps and Plex are here, but there’s no support for Google Play Movies & TV or Apple’s iTunes, so it’s not a streamer to go for if you’ve bought a lot of content from the big two digital stores.

It’s respectably priced too, though if you want to save some money you can go for the cheaper and less powerful Fire TV Stick, which comes with Alexa on board.

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5. Now TV Smart Box

Sky TV on the cheap
Solid build and software
Big names like Netflix missing
Extra payment required for Sky packages

Sky’s Now TV Smart Box is actually a rebranded Roku but it’s an appealing way of getting some premium Sky channels for a decent price, plus a bunch of other services like the TV catch-up apps, YouTube and Facebook.

You don’t get everything you could possibly wish for – there’s no Netflix and no 4K support – but at £40 this is still cracking value. If you can live without freeview and pausing and rewinding live TV, you can get the basic Now TV box for just £14.99, though bear in mind Sky Movies and Sky Sports subscriptions for both these devices cost extra (check the Sky website for the latest deals).

As you would expect from something made by Roku, these boxes are smartly finished and simple to set up. It’s basically Sky and Freeview, without a dish, on the cheap.


Sourced from T3 The Gadget Website