By Marina Robertson.

Before people start reading articles online, they need to read the headline first. If they are interested, they will click the link and read the entire article. Otherwise, they will proceed with the next option. Some people are patient enough to keep searching on the next pages in their Google search up until they are satisfied.

Considering the options available, they can easily pass up one article in exchange of another. Imagine if you have a good content that people could not read because they were not attracted with the headline created.

Instead of attracting these people to visit your site and eventually become loyal customers, you have just missed out on a huge opportunity.

This is why you need to make sure it is catchy, interesting and thought-provoking. It should not sound like something they have already read in the past. It should also make them feel like you are trying to help them out instead of just selling them your products.

There are people who just could not click on information they are uncertain of. Considering the spread of fake information online, they are careful not to click on it or else they will be misinformed.

Take your time thinking of the best headlines to ensure the increase in traffic and ultimately, conversion rate. The infographic below shows more tips that you need to improve how you write headlines. Use this information so that you can easily capture the attention of other people.


By Marina Robertson.

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