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Company: – Web Offset Print

Title: Web Offset Print Specialists for Irish companies. Offices in Ireland and U.K. – Magazines, Brochures, Direct Mail, Inserts, Retail Print & Catalogues, are all produced to tight deadlines and delivered on schedule.

Tel: +353 (0)1 437 1163


Company: Dataconversion Direct

Title: Award-winning direct marketing company based in Dublin, Ireland. We specialise in connecting you to your customers with data management and direct mail. We achieve this by helping you to understand your data and by providing effective methods of communicating with your customers. These methods include direct mail, email and sms. These channels allow you speak directly to your customers, measure the results and maximise response.

Tel: 01 804 1298


Company: ASA Marketing Group

Title: Affiliation: IDMA, PSI.

Tel: 01 298 3466

Fax: 01 295 1680

Company: Central Statistics Office

Title: The Central Statistics Office (CSO) is the government agency responsible for compiling and disseminating most official Irish statistics.

Tel: 021 453 5000

Fax: 021 453 5555

Company: Crossell Limited

Title: Field Marketing

Tel: 01 460 3884

Fax: 01 460 3887

Company: Desktop Direct Marketing (DDM) Ltd

Title: Desktop Direct Marketing is a Dublin-based CRM provider specialising in the supply, implementation, training and supporting a full range of CRM & Cloud solutions.

Tel: 01 678 8470

Fax: 01 678 8472

Company: Dialogue Marketing Communications

Title: Affiliation: DMA-USA, ,IIA, ICAD, The Marketing Institute, InterDirect Network.

Tel: 01 662 2277


Company: Direct Marketing Campaign Management (DMCM)

Title: An award winning marketing agency based in Dublin providing consultancy and campaign management to companies who are looking to grow their business.

Tel: 01 602 4766

Fax: 01 602 4777

Company: Forza Direct Marketing

Title: We are Forza, the Cork based, results obsessed, integrated marketing agency with an altogether different approach. Whether it's via, direct mail, digital marketing, branding, sales promotion, design or advertising, we can research, plan, design and deliver effective marketing campaigns.

Tel: 021 2409022


Company: House To House Publicity Ltd

Title: Leaflet, Brochure, Coupon, Catalogue, Free Product Sample & Tabloid Distribution

Tel: 01 429 0107

Fax: 01 679 0060

Company: IDF Marketing-Digital Agency Dublin

Title: IDF Marketing is a Digital Marketing Company based in Ireland that listens, strategises & delivers. It can help you embrace digital and deliver for your business

Tel: +353 (0)818227035


Company: Javelin Direct Ltd

Title: Award winning below-the-line agency, with a passionate and client-focussed team. Take just 20 minutes and see the results we have acheived with our client partners.

Tel: 01 858 7900


Company: Lalor International Holdings Ltd

Title: Direct Marketing Consultancy, Project Management and New Project Development.

Tel: 086 814 6810


Company: Leaflet Company Ireland Ltd

Title: Unaddressed Leaflet distribution is an invaluable marketing tool for any successful marketing campaign. The reason for this is because it can be targeted at a specific postal location based on a specific demographic type audience. Every home only has one letterbox so any correctly constructed sales message does not have to compete with any other types of media such as TV, Press or social media channels. Being a 100% Irish owned company, we have over 20 years’ experience in delivering unaddressed mail, local newspapers and promotional samples for most of Ireland’s best known brands, to homes using our full-time, supervised, distribution teams that work from our highly branded promotional vehicles.

Tel: 1890 929 950

Fax: 01 460 1675

Company: Lites Group

Title: Field marketing personnel (sales and promotional personnel).

Tel: 01 296 9300

Fax: 01 296 9301

Company: Media Communications Direct Ireland

Title: Affiliation: IMAOg, IDMA.

Tel: 01 492 7614

Fax: 01 492 9426

Company: PPS – Promotional Payments Solution

Title: PPS, provide a comprehensive a range of digital promotional payments solutions to major organisations working to promote their businesses and brands.

Tel: 01 409 8300

Fax: 01 481 1505

Company: RMG Target

Title: Our energy, vision and relentless pursuit of tangible results for our clients define us. Our passion for Direct Marketing, CRM and Digital communication strategies consume us.

Tel: 01 410 6677

Fax: 01 410 6699

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