This is a basic idea that should have occurred to all of us.

By MediaStreet Staff Writers is an online platform selling culturally rich fashion from the Indian sub-continent to a global audience. The company recently shot up its sales by offering a Video Calling service. This business move helped it dramatically enhance its conversion rates from 0.3-0.4% to almost 15-18%.

The Video-Chat concept centres on showcasing select merchandise live to the customers.’s average order size skyrocketed from around €80 to about €345 per order.

This innovative and customer-centric hybrid business approach combines the best of the both worlds – akin to shopping from a ‘real store’ with all the convenience, accessibility and ease of buying online – while also bringing in the all-important personal shopping edge.

The wedding wear focused typically received about 20-22 web orders daily, but the overall revenues were never as high as they are now. From about 15 to 18 calls, organised daily to honour the numerous appointment requests – at least 2 to 3 are converted. Each video call order value typically exceeds €1,100.

There have been customers, who started off looking for a single ensemble – but ended up buying for their entire families. One such jackpot call fetched the company an order equivalent to €13,500 – where as many as 35 garments were sold via a series of Video Calls.

Thanks to wonders of technology, the only tools required are simple hand-held devices like iPad and modern smartphones like iPhone 6 – with any video chat application like Face time or Skype. has now developed a dedicated eco-system to enable these services – that are akin to personal shopping facilities (albeit virtually), offered by world’s biggest fashion retailers like Harrods, Nordstrom, H&M, Zara etc.

Learning fast, today, now has a special team of 25 personal shoppers, ensuring approval of requested appointments within a time-frame of merely 24 hours. This idea is slated to revolutionise the apparels e-commerce, especially for niche categories.