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Do you know that engaging with consumers on an emotional level and giving them a real time experience of the product or service on sale has become a cup of tea????

If you own a business organization and wish to market the brand name, keeping behind the other competitors, you better incorporate the Augmented and virtual reality concept in your promotional strategies.

What do you understand by Augmented and Virtual Reality??

In the words of David Tiltman, Warc’s Head of Content, VR and AR are not new technologies but 2016 saw them really emerge as marketing platforms. A lot of money is now going towards VR in particular as brands seek fresh ways to engage consumers. As the advertising marketplace becomes more cluttered and many people opt out of receiving marketing messages, brand experiences that can cut through are increasingly valuable.”

Six benefits of AR & VR concept in marketing:

> Quality improvement in content and noticeable technology for increased consumer interaction and retention

You can create outstanding content and engage your consumers on a personal level, something which was never possible earlier on. This will get you an edge in relation to the competitors.

The interactive and well designed content will get your viewers hooked to your application. Informative and creative design will retain your customers as well.

Moreover, you still have chance to harness the benefits of this new concept to surprise your consumers with something that your competitors still lack.

> Augmented reality useful for viral marketing and create brand awareness via social shares

The ‘word of mouth’ is the very old method of marketing and brand promotion. Interesting and vivid graphical content will not only draw customers and retain them for a longer duration but will also promote your application through ‘word-of-mouth’ and social media sharing.

If you succeed in creating a lasting impression on your initial viewers, then there is a guarantee that the initial viewers will pull in more new viewers by spreading the message through their valuable feedback and social media sharing. The brand awareness of your application is thus established.

> Enables users to truly connect with the published content

The, otherwise, motionless content of the advertisement becomes live boosted with more information, creating a more personalised impact on the consumers who end up purchasing your application thereby serving your purpose.

> Reduce language barriers

Nowadays we substitute the lack of face-to-face interaction on the internet with many options (videos, photos, memes, gifs, texts) to create this wish-you-were–here effect. The main purpose of advertisement is to pull in potential customers and retain the existing ones by providing them with ample information and directions about the product. However, language stands to be barrier at times. But this barrier can be easily omitted with proper application of AR and VR technology into your promotional strategies, establishing connections with engrossing graphical representations that is self explanatory as well. Therefore, augmented and virtual reality may remove this last frontier of missing the physical contact with other person. Eg: Theatre in Paris together with Atos and the French start-up Opt invent created the augmented reality solution where theatre-goers were able to see subtitles simultaneously with the theater show. This intersection of cultural events and technology is expected to spill over to other industries as well making them accessible to those who do not speak the language.

> Influences customer buying behavior

The ultimate purpose of any successful business operation is to sell off your product to the satisfying customers and influence them to turn back again and again to your product. Once potential users have been wowed by the immersive and interactive experience of VR and AR, their expectations from brands will increase. Brands that make use of such technologies creatively will set a new standard of surprise and appear in eyes of their consumers as the first choice.

> Detailed analytic generated for understanding user behavior

In Plato’s words, ‘‘Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.’’ When these three ingredients get mixed up successfully in marketing, the winning combination is created. Both augmented and virtual reality solutions make use of analytic of the web and social media to understand the consumer buying behavior which is crucial to establish your brand name and earn profit to the maximum.

Summing Up:

According to Digi-Capital fundamental, “Augmented/Virtual Reality Report Q2 2015”, the AR/VR market is going to expand up to $150 billion by 2020. Moreover, the augmented reality has got the lion’s share of the market in $120 billion (VR gets only $30 billion, though)”.

So if you have an application developed in your kitty and wish to earn maximum ROI on it and establishing a strong name for your brand, then AR and VR concept is the perfect option for you to harness.

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