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Hey, first of all, congratulations on your “high-quality content”, this is the most important thing you need if you’re looking for traffic.

If you want the long-term solution, which is most likely going to send organic targeted users to your website in waves of thousands, SEO will help you do this and more. These users are very likely to convert into customers (if you ever decide to do Affiliate Marketing), and/or come back to your site because they actually enjoy your content.

This is the periodic table of SEO — please take a look at it and fully understand it. This table contains everything you should know about SEO; how it works.

See that box? Type your URL in there and you’ll get a complete SEO scan of your site in seconds. This report will tell you exactly what’s dragging you down on search engines, be it your on-page or off-page SEO, and you’ll know exactly how to fix it.

Then, use the free tools they offer on the homepage to continue optimizing your SEO, or subscribe to a premium plan if you really want to take your SEO a step further.

Sourced from Medium