By Andy Boxall.

Hybrid smartwatches are becoming more popular, due to matching traditional watch style with high-tech features.

Hybrid smartwatches, those combining traditional watch designs with smart functionality, are the ideal midway point for anyone wanting more style than a fitness band without going all futuristic with a full-on smartwatch. Swedish watch brand Kronaby is the latest to blend the two worlds together with four new connected watch models, the Apex, Sekel, Nord, and Carat

Kronaby’s watches all have stainless steel bodies, in either 43mm or 38mm sizes, with a sapphire crystal covered, domed face that has been engineered to minimize distortion. Each model is water resistant up to 100 meters, and has either a 22mm or 18mm strap in leather, mesh, or stainless steel, depending on your style preference. At first glance, you’d never imagine these are anything other than a traditional watch.

However, each Kronaby model connects to your Android or iOS phone, where each button on the watch corresponds to a particular function, which can be assigned in the app. If all this makes you worry about owning another gadget that needs to be charged, don’t — Kronaby says the battery inside its watches will last two years before it needs to be changed. Two years. We can live with that.

What smart features do the Kronaby watches have? They track steps, have a smart alarm to make you up in the mornings, move alerts, music controls, and options for activating a geotag to remind you where you parked the car. Notifications can be delivered to the watches, and can be identified by different vibration patterns, plus there’s an emergency message feature for GPS tracking.

The Kronaby range is a watch first, therefore each model has its own style — the Apex is sportier, the Nord minimalist, the Sekel a classic, and the Carat more classy — plus there’s a choice of strap for each. The prices range from 395 euros to 595 euros, or around $425 to $636 depending on the model and strap type, and they’re up for pre-order through Kronaby’s website now. Shipping is expected to begin at the end of March, but at the moment, it appears the company won’t deliver to the United States, only to the United Kingdom and Europe.


Sourced from Digital Trends