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If you are thinking about some secrets which keep the visitors sustain on the site and reduce bounce rate?

Literally maximum number of users criticizes about not to find the concrete solution of such problems. Visitors leave the site straight away, when they either don’t get the desired information or all of the web design elements like photo, typography, and colors are annoying and not proper.

So why people go away from you website immediately without clicking anywhere and going further in Web Designing Gurgaon. So check here out how you can improve visitors on websites and reduce bounce rate:

Improve Content Readability — Your website website design will useless, if the content of the website is not readable and accurate so it easy to read by visitors. Mainly:

· Throw more light on the topic by using subheadings

· Use bullet points to explain more deeply

· Use charts, screenshots, images, and quote

· Bold important terms and keywords, but don’t overdo this.

· To interesting ask few questions which inspire visitors to participate.

Avoid Popup- It is natural that visitors get irritates by immaterial pop-ups and also even Google started penalizing the website that uses worthless popup. So it is good to remove popup.

Compelling call to action (CTA) — CTA is one of the important website elements as it engages users and leads them to visit to resource page and reduces bounce rate. So it is compulsory to make it compelling and actionable. Use always effectual call to action. Always start with verbs, get started now, add few adjective and Keep things simple and precise

Story Telling– Now attract visitors with your content with an engaging story as it captivates the mind of your target audience and makes the content appealing and dynamic.

Use relevant content– Always use relevant and useful content and add fresh content on a regular basis which builds impetus and establish faith.

Utilize Interactivity– Should use animations and additional interactive to hold visitors attention

Add Live Chat– Use a live chat module on your site to have someone there to answer questions of visitors.

Image Optimization- Images are worth a thousand words and a very necessary part of web designing. It enables visitors to get more detailed information about business nature

Easy Navigation– Make sure that website must have easy navigation for a successful website and it helps in creating user friendly website.

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