By Patrick Henry.

People spend a lot of their time reading, replying, and organizing their emails. It can be very tiresome and time-consuming setting up folders and archiving items only to not actually remember where you put it next time you visit your inbox.

But, of you’re a Gmail account user (and many of us are these days), here are a few handy tips that may just make your life a little easier when it comes to your emails.

1. Multiple Inboxes: If you have more than one Gmail account (maybe one for work and one personal) and you want to be able to view them at the same time while still keeping them separate, then Multiple Inboxes are what you need. With them, you can have everything all in one place rather than have multiple tabs and different accounts, and it just makes life so much easier.

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2. Boomerang: This function allows users to send emails at scheduled times, snooze inbox messages by removing them until a later date and can even help you craft emails and replies. It is a great help in clearing clutter and can even work through the night autonomously to do this for you.

3. Gmail Labs: This is a great place to go that holds many a good function and feature that is just dying to be used. Some of the most popular include the apps search, canned responses, an auto-advance feature and an undo send button (which could have been useful for me on more than one occasion had I known it was there).

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4. Sortd: This utility allows better organization of your emails. It turns them into card-style lists that can be dragged and dropped, noted, marked as completed, etc. Sortd allows users to view important messages and add and create tasks, as well as other functions and does all this without cluttering your precious inbox.

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5. Point several email addresses to the same inbox: You can reformat your email account by adding a plus sign between words. All emails will still be received in one inbox, but you will in effect have multiple addresses.

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6. Gmail’s shortcuts: These can be great timesaving tools once you have remembered them. To view a whole list of them just type ? on any screen in Gmail and they will be displayed for you. But don’t worry if you can’t remember them all as KeyRocket for Gmail will remind you to use one when you forget.

7. Undo send message: This feature can be a saving grace in many situations where you hit send to the wrong person or perhaps were just venting. This feature will let you undo that mistake.


8. Mute and Block: The mute thread button is useful for those very annoying emails that are really nothing to do with you, but are part of that reply all thread. By pressing mute, you are still staying in the loop and can check the message manually if you want to, but the thread will no longer be cluttering up your inbox. You can also easily block spam or emails from people you don’t want. Simply click the arrow next to timestamp when in an email from said person and choose Block. No more will you receive their emails – they will head straight to spam.


9. Canned replies: By turning on this feature you are saving yourself a lot of time writing the same thing over and over. Once a canned response has been set up for a certain message you often receive, just type in your typical response and the next time it comes up your reply is ready and waiting to be sent.


10. Google’s Inbox: This will give you a more streamlined, simplified version of your emails that is designed for those that want organization. It automatically comes with prioritizing, flagging, and snoozing functions enabled and is great for keeping things clutter free.

Sourced from TrendinTech