By Sharon Conwell.

When you’re writing to advertise your service or product, simply having good content isn’t enough to make sales.

Describing your lovely business will not be sufficient to drive sales or traffic, however there are some insider secrets that can radically improve the marketing potential of your content.

1.      Don’t Post And Move On

You could be posting amazing content on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean people will find it. The point of marketing is to cast a wide net and reach as many people as possible. For every post you write, you need to spend as much time promoting it. This could include sharing your post across various social media platforms, or networking with other bloggers. You can reach out to people with a big voice in your field and ask them to share your post, or even pay social networks to promote your content. Just leaving your content out there, hoping people will stumble upon it is ineffective.

2.      Make Sure Your Writing Is Awesome

As there are so many blogs and websites out there, if your writing is sloppy you will appear unprofessional, and quickly lose your reader. There are several resources that can help ensure that your writing is as good as it can be – guides are available with Australian Help that can remind you of grammar, and help you create the perfect format and tone for your audience. If you’re going to be blogging or writing full time, then a real course could be a solution, such as those offered by Academized.

3.      Don’t Conflate Content and Text

Never assume that great marketing content has to be in the form of written texts. In fact, paragraph after paragraph of writing is entirely unappealing to most online readers. In the era of short attention spans, mixing up the types of content can be beneficial – so use pictures, infographics, and videos wherever you can.

4.      Size Matters

As most people prefer google as a search engine, it’s worth considering what you can do to please the robots who sort your ranking with google. Content consisting of over 2000 words undeniably tends to do better with this search engine – so keep an eye on your word count with Easy Word Count.

5.      Continuity Is Key

Online marketing is not something you can stop and start whenever you feel like it. Instead, it is most effective when continuous, frequent, and regular content is posted. Studies show that blogs or websites that only sporadically update can lose up to a fifth of their traffic, compared to businesses that post consistently.

6.      Write As You Speak

Marketing is about selling – and very few successful sales pitches stem from stuffy and impersonal content. Write as if you are talking to your audience – you should be clear and friendly. If you aren’t sure if you’ve been successful in writing like this, then reading your work aloud can be a massive help.

7.      Find A Winning Headline

With so much content available on the internet, you really need a great headline and opening sentence to hook your reader. Without that, you’ll be too easily to pass by in favour of more engaging content. Title generators like Awesome Titles or Minecraftcommand are available online, as well as headline formulas that can help you produce catchy introductions.

8.      Remember Your Keywords

Keywords are massively important for analytics and SEO, and are one of the best ways to ensure people are directed to your website. Using keywords efficiently, to amount to roughly 1-3% of your content, particularly in your introduction and subheadings, can vastly improve your ranking and help drive relevant traffic to your site.

9.      Be Original

It’s great to interact with other blogs and businesses online, and linking out to them can actually boost your image. However duplicating content can be a business disaster. You can look, fraudulent, amateurish, and unprofessional. You can lose contacts and networking can become a nightmare. Be yourself, and be authentic in order to market yourself well.

10. Don’t Limit Yourself

If you’re generating great content and promoting it well, then make sure people can read it. It shouldn’t only be available on laptops or computers – but on tablets and mobiles too. Don’t make yourself inaccessible to people reading on their commute or in a coffee shop – you should be available to anyone online.

11. Post Content that Your Readers Want

Once you know who your audience is, you should keep them in mind the whole time you are producing your content. What they’re interested in reading and the appropriate language level should be considered. Questions from your readers or your customers are the great source of inspiration for blog posts.

There’s no key to automatic success – and anyone looking to use web content for marketing needs to have patience. Even with amazing content and the best marketing advice, it can take up to a year to really reap the rewards of online marketing. Patience and determination are essential qualities for success.

By Sharon Conwell

Sharon Conwell has been a content manager and ghost writer at over 20 online projects, now she is a part-time educator and an editor at Big Assignments. She’s specializing at content creation and optimization. She loves coffee, tulips and her Shih Tzu named Bobby.