By Brendan Gannon

Your website’s position on a search results page is an important factor in boosting brand visibility.

Digital marketers can employ many tactics to boost their organic search ranking. Adding relevant keywords, offering content that encourages sharing and guest posting to earn backlinks are a few of the many ways to improve your organic search position and increase leads and conversions.

There are also many tools available to get you started.

However, plenty of myths about how to pursue your search engine optimization strategy continue to swirl around.

My Biz Niche created an infographic with facts and fallacies brand managers should take note of when creating an optimal website.

It includes:

  • Myth: Reaching the top of a search results page means no more SEO work is necessary.

Truth: You must continually work to improve SEO if you want to maintain a high ranking.

  • Myth: It doesn’t matter where your backlinks come from.

Truth: Google knows when backlinks come from somewhere other than quality sources.

  • Myth: Linking to other pages on your website won’t help SEO.

Truth: This encourages visitors to spend more time on your site, which affects rankings.

For more myths to avoid when developing your SEO strategy, check out the full infographic below.


By Brendan Gannon

Sourced from Ragan’s PR Daily