By Sierra Powell

With the traditional way of passing news from one client to another, you get clients, yes? But not as many as it should be.

It is a challenge to achieve the number of clients you need for growth through word of mouth. For that reason, stronger, better, and more contemporary strategies are needed to attract new customers. Below we talk about 7 marketing tricks every business should be using in growing its market.

1. Having Incentives for Referral Clients

For a business to grow it needs clients, and for you as a business person to think of marketing it, it means you have an existing target audience. You can use your current clients to help in spreading the word and trust me with an added incentive in your sentences the word will spread even faster.

When we talk of incentives, I mean rewarding the existing customers with gifts or discounts to any referral that turns to a client.

2. Business Cards

Having business cards that can be handed over to any potential customer is essential. it is one of the pillars in marketing for any business. Through networking and the internet you can work better and faster, it does not discard business cards but it strengthens the need for the card. It is easier to get a bigger audience through the network. As much as it is in giving cards.

3. Networking

With the rise and growth of the internet, networking is becoming one of the most used and effective means of marketing. With social media accounts for your business, it becomes easier to communicate with your clients. You can take advantage of social media handles to advertise and promote your business. This can be done by posting regularly to remind your clients or even give updates on existing products, and services.

4. Marketing Through Emails

With being active on the internet; that is, promoting your website if you have one, and integrating social media accounts, it’s easy to get responses through emails. Email marketing campaigns give you the opportunity to stay in touch with your potential customers, leads, and customers.

It also helps in nurturing, as well as strengthening the relationship between you and your audience. The emails can be set to go out automatically probably once or twice a month. These emails may include;

  • An appreciation mail that thanks to new users who sign up
  • Emails that are auto-responders for unfinished or abandoned carts or follow-up emails based on viewed pages
  • This is very important, confirmation mails. This may include receipts, invoices, or purchase orders.

5. Advertising Campaigns using Banners, Flyers, or the Internet

For quick traffic to your business, this is by far the best trick to use. It is best for targeting new clients and should be done regularly to keep generating the traffic of new clients. Banners such as feather flags can be strategically placed in a location where the target audience can see. Just remember to make them attractive.

6. Offering Discounts, Give-away, and Even Trials

These can be listed on the homepage of your website or sent with the information emails sent out. The banners and flyers can be strategically placed where there is people traffic and can be seen easily be seen with the offers available.

However, in order not to run the risk of running your business down it is always wise to state that these are one-time offers for new clients.

7. Doing Follow-Ups

Marketing is a necessary measure for every business that is in operation, be it new or old, however, it is not enough to just do marketing and sit and wait for the results. The best strategy after any marketing campaign is to do a follow-up. For people who turned out as clients, or even the ones who responded to you in any way positive or negative follow-up is very vital.

With a follow-up, you get the chance to know what your clients want and probably make changes where necessary. This is of course on the negative responses.

Bottom-line is, marketing is essential to any business old or new. However, the methods and strategies used will determine the traffic generated to your business after the campaign. With the best being a repeat process occasionally to attract new clients.

By Sierra Powell

Sourced from Digital Doughnut

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