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All Ireland Kitchen Guide

It features kitchens from real homes throughout IrelandIand the latest in traditional and contemporary kitchen design, plus a look atIthe latest kitchen appliances and gadgets.

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The only Irish kitchen magazine to offer a complete research guide.

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Ashgrove House, Kill Avenue, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin.

Tel: 01 272 2616. Fax: 01 272 2617.


Bi-Annual (April & September)

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Single Copy: Stg £5.95/€8.50

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Trim Size 230 x 297mm. Bleed DPS 466 x 303mm (allow 5mm each side for gutter on both sides), Full Page 236 x 303mm. Type Area DPS 440 x 277mm, Full Page 210 x 277mm, Two Thirds Page 143 x 277mm, Half Page 103 x 277mm (Portrait) or 210 x 135mm (Landscape), Quarter Page 103 x 135mm. Disks: Files saved to 230MB optical disks, CDs, Zip 100 or floppies, all Macintosh compatible. ISDN: We will accept files and hi-resolution scans over the ISDN. In both of the above cases please ensure that all scans are scanned in at 300 pixels per inch or over and ensure that all images/fonts and graphics are included at all times.

Rate Cards
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Rate Type Rate Description Rate
Colour Full Page 2,240 EUR
Design Costs Full Page 200 EUR
Design Costs DPS 395 EUR
Design Costs Two Thirds Page 155 EUR
Design Costs Half Page 140 EUR
Design Costs Quarter Page 125 EUR
Inserts . On request EUR
Special Positions Early Right +15% EUR
Design & Print Of Brochures and Leaflets Price on request EUR
Special Positions Page 1 2,665 EUR
Special Positions 2nd DPS 4,575 EUR
Special Positions 1st DPS 4,775 EUR
Colour DPS 4,200 EUR
Colour Two Thirds Page 1,575 EUR
Colour Half Page 1,225 EUR
Colour Quarter Page 665 EUR
Colour One Third Page 935 EUR
Special Positions OBC 2,945 EUR
Special Positions IFC 2,625 EUR
Special Positions IBC 2,400 EUR
Agency Commission . 10% EUR
Readership / Listenership
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14.07.2017 12:01

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ABC (2,395 ABC (Jan to Dec 2016))

Vanya Campbell




Jenny McCleery




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Tel: 048 91 473979
Fax: 048 91 474223
Address:Ireland’s Homes Interiors & Living PO Box 42, Bangor Co Down BT19 7AD Ireland


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