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Affiliation: VFD

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Weekly – Thursday

Mechanical Data

Format: Tabloid. Full Page 340 x 265mm. 1 Col 28.1mm, 2 Cols 57.7mm, 3 Cols 87.3mm, 4 Cols 116.9mm, 5 Cols 146.6mm, 6 Cols 176.2mm, 7 Cols 205.8mm, 8 Cols 235.4mm, 9 Cols 265mm, 9 Cols To Page. Column Gutter 1.5mm. Nine columns to page. Column depth: Tab 340mm. File formats: AdFast certified format Hi Res PDF 1.3 with embedded fonts. Comms transfer: Main format: AdFast, will become only approved delivery option in future. We cannot accept responsibility for any errors in adverts supplied digital format if no visual is supplied. Full Colour instructions: No negatives, no bromides. Screen: 100. DPI: 200. Printed: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black. Web offset.

Full colour to be charged an additional 25%, spot colour an additional 20%. An online elembent will be added to all Sits Vacs rates – Public Notice prices include online.

Rate Cards
Last updated
14.09.2010 10:20
Rate Type Rate Description Rate
Colour Full Page +40% GBP
Classified Situations Vacant Semi Display 17.30 GBP
Classified General Lineage 3 GBP
Classified General Full Display 10.70 GBP
Classified General Semi Display 6.45 GBP
Classified Public Notices Full Display 16.10 GBP
Classified Public Notices Lineage 4.90 GBP
Classified Public Notices Semi Display 14.40 GBP
Classified Sits Vac Full Display 20.15 GBP
Classified Sits Vac Lineage 5.10 GBP
Special Positions Guaranteed Position +25% GBP
Special Positions ROP Full Page Colour 4,590 GBP
Special Positions ROP Full Page Mono 3,277 GBP
Special Positions ROP Mono 10.70 GBP
Inserts Available on request GBP
Agency Commission 15% GBP

Pamela Arnold

Ad Manager



William Barkley

Sales & Marketing Manager



Jean Long

Divisional Managing Director



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Tel: 048 90 897700
Fax: 048 90 897700
Address:Johnstons Publishing NI Metro Building, 6 – 9 Donegall Square South Belfast BT1 5JA Northern Ireland


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