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BiTS in Ireland

BiTS in Ireland is using the world’s first and only formula that is able to develop and execute marketing communications and campaigns that will reach your organisations' financial goals and will earn you more revenue than it costs (ROI).

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Over the last 15 years in Holland and more recently in Ireland we've helped companies get a Return on Investment for their marketing communications, and we also help them achieve their financial and commercial goals using the proven processes of the BiTS Method.

Its a simple 6 step methodology, that has recently been described as the marketing method that CFO's love because it combines both hard and soft data metrics. It's also a collaborative tool enabling the marketing, finance and sales departments to ensure that they are ALL focussed on your  companys goals and as a methodology its customised so that it will help your business meet the challenges of the future because You can't meet the future by doing what you did in the past!

After all the only reason you spend money on communications is to make money!

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Tel: 353 87 23 63 111
Address:38 The Crescent Inse Bay, Laytown Co Meath Ireland


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