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Broadcast Film and Video was first developed over 16 years ago to promote news and content from the UK regions and the Republic of Ireland, since then the publication has grown into a truly global brand with an unrivalled presence both in print and online. The print version of the publication is the biggest circulating newspaper in the Broadcast, Film and Video industry in the UK with over 8200 copies delivered free to industry decision makers every month.

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The editorial content of our paper keeps readers up to date, with the latest developments in the broadcast industry, product launches and technological breakthroughs. We also have a growing number of contributors who are leading industry players commenting and advising on the current trends in the Broadcast, Film and Video sector.




• 8200 Newspapers delivered free to industry decision makers every month.
• 10,000 Newspapers to major international industry trade shows per year
• 7000 industry professionals emailed online version every month.
• 139,000 4rfv Unique users have access to newspaper editorials every month



Mechanical Data

Ads can be accepted in the following file formats – Native files: QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator, MacroMedia Freehand, Adobe PhotoShop. All placed artwork (JPEG, PDF, EPS, TIFF, etc) must be supplied separately, and should be at a resolution of at least 200dpi. All common raster image formats should be supplied in print ready colour format (CYMK) with fonts embedded. General advice: Please ensure the artwork you provide is of the correct dimensions for the space you have booked, and in particular that it is the correct orientation (portrait / landscape).
Supplying artwork: We currently accept CD, Zip, Portable USB or via Email:
We aim to accommodate the circumstances of our advertisers, and recognise that not everybody has access to the above packages, or has the expertise to create their own adverts. We therefore offer a limited design and scanning service and can create adverts based on your letterheads or other suitable artwork. We do not accept copy on film or bromide.

Ad Sizes ( h (mm) x w (mm)): Full Page 330 x 261mm, Half Page Portrait 330 x 128mm, Half Page Landscape 164 x 261mm, Quarter Page Portrait 164 x 128mm, Eighth Page Landscape 80 x 128mm, Front Page Strip 35 x 261mm, Front ‘Ears’ 30 x 40mm.

Rate Cards
Last updated
30.06.2014 14:25
Rate Type Rate Description Rate
Agency Commission . 10% GBP
Special Positions Front ‘Ears’ 200 GBP
Special Positions Front Page Strip 550 GBP
Colour Eighth Page 275 GBP
Colour Quarter Page 550 GBP
Colour Half Page 800 GBP
Colour Full Page 1,490 GBP
Colour Inside Front Cover 1,600 GBP
Colour Outside Back Cover 1,690 GBP
Special Position Island Advert 900 GBP

Richard Inman

Senior Sales Manager

Tel: 028 90 319008 Ext 244


Noel O'Sullivan

Account Manager

Tel: 028 90 319 008 Ext 236


Aaron Paul

Account Manager

Tel: 028 90 319 008 Ext 248


Iain Todd


Tel: 028 90 319 008 Ext 272


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Tel: 048 90 319008
Fax: 048 90 727800
Address:Flagship Media Group Ltd Unit C3, 6 Westbank Drive, Belfast BT3 9LA Northern Ireland


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