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DIVERSITY MULTICULTURAL TV/RADIO CHANNEL was born out of the need for a licensed media establishment to serve the needs of the ever growing migrant population in the Republic of Ireland. We promote community and social integration, Social development and empowerment by bringing together Ireland's new communities to engage, debates on social, immigration and political and other issues concerning and affecting migrant people from across the globe who now call Ireland home. Our programming is a mixture of a variety of cultural entertainment, celebrations and music.

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DTV/RADIO is created to build a bridge of understanding  between the people of Ireland and the people from it's new communities who have come to call Ireland home. Our main objective is to build better relations through our cultures, education, business, music, and social life.

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Tel: 085 164 2555
Email: [email protected]
Address:44, Lower Dominick Street, Dublin 1, Ireland


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