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Company: Manufacturing Ireland

Title: The Magazine for Manufacturing Innovation and Technology

Tel: 01 868 6640

Fax: 01 868 6651

Company: Marine Times

Title: The Voice of Ireland's Fishing Industry and Maritime Community.

Tel: 074 973 6899/2635


Company: Medical Independent

Title: The Medical Independent is a fortnightly newspaper aimed at Irish doctors.

Tel: (01) 441 0024

Fax: (01) 547 2388

Company: Menswear in Ireland


Tel: 01 283 6782

Fax: 01 283 6784

Company: MIMS Ireland

Title: MIMS Ireland is the leading Irish drugs directory and has been a trusted guide for Irish General Practitioners and other healthcare professionals since 1960.

Tel: 01 817 6321

Fax: 01 817 6365

Company: Neighbourhood Retailer

Title: Neighbourhood Retailer is Northern Ireland’s highest circulating grocery magazine.

Tel: 048 90 457457

Fax: 048 90 456611/456622

Company: Northern Ireland Veterinary Today

Title: Veterinary Today is categorically the preferred read for veterinary practitioners and key figures within the industry.

Tel: 048 90 457457

Fax: 048 90 456611/456622

Company: Off the Scale magazine

Title: Off the Scale magazine – Ireland's #1 angling publication

Tel: 086 375 8585


Company: Offshore Investment

Title: Since its launch in 1986, deregulation, technology, communications and globalisation have transformed the world of offshore finance and for over two decades, Offshore Investment has reported and analysed these continuing changes, thus creating a universal communicator for the senior professional in the offshore finance world.

Tel: +44 (0)28 9032 8777


Company: Passive House Plus

Title: Published in separate Irish and UK editions, Passive House Plus is an award-winning bimonthly magazine focused on highly energy efficient, healthy, sustainable buildings.

Tel: 01 210 7513


Company: People Focus - Official Magazine for the CIPD in Ireland

Title: Affiliation: Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development

Tel: 01 412 7829

Fax: 01 497 2779

Company: Perspective

Title: Perspective is the official publication for the Royal Society of Ulster Architects (RSUA) and has been published by Ulster Tatler Group since 2001.

Tel: 048 90 663311

Fax: 048 90 381915

Company: Plan Magazine : The Art of Architecture and Design

Title: Plan Magazine is the oldest magazine for the architectural community in Ireland.

Tel: 01 8537813


Company: Plant & Civil Engineer

Title: Plant & Civil Engineer is widely respected and recognised, is essential reading for every company involved in plant, agriculture, construction, quarrying and civil engineering and has been for 20 years.

Tel: 048 92 688888

Fax: 048 92 688866

Company: Plumbing and Heating in Northern Ireland

Title: A Trade Magazine for Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland

Tel: 048 92 612990

Fax: 048 92 612091

Company: Police Service Gazette

Title: .

Tel: 048 90 663311

Fax: 048 90 381915

Company: Professional Diabetes & Cardiology Review

Title: Mailed to specialists in Cardiology, Diabetes and Physicians with an interest. Gps with an interest in GP education. Nurse Specialist in Cardiology and Diabetes. Dietitians.

Tel: 01 280 3967

Fax: 01 280 7076

Company: Professional Nutrition and Dietetics Review

Title: Professional Nutrition and Dietetics Review reflects current thinking on all aspects of nutrition and dietetics from an evidence-based perspective.

Tel: 01 280 3967

Fax: 01 280 7076

Company: Project Management

Title: Project Management is Ireland's leading publication for professionals within the building, civil, engineering and local government sectors.

Tel: 01 868 6640

Fax: 01 868 6651

Company: Public Works

Title: Public Works is circulated directly to the key decision makers in Ireland's local authorities, to senior policy makers in the HSE and Department of Education and to managers in the national transport companies.

Tel: 01 709 6900