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Company: Parker Advertising

Title: Established in 1888 as the first advertising agency in Ireland.

Tel: 01 478 3044

Fax: 01 478 3862

Company: Pierce Media

Title: Pierce Media & Advertising Ltd is an island of Ireland advertising media communications agency. Pierce Media is an independent Irish advertising media agency engaged in strategic planning and buying, and operating in the fields of digital and traditional advertising media communications (ie: online and off) from the research phase to strategy, implementation, and results.

Tel: 01 830 0501


Company: Publicis Dublin

Title: Ireland's leading creative communications company delivering customer insight, strategic brand planning, digital marketing, advertising & promotion.

Tel: 01 649 9500


Company: Permission Media Group

Title: Permission Media Group invite you start your journey with us. We are a growth-oriented strategic & marketing partner who will help you grow your business, with our range of growth systems and services, all of which we have designed to help fuel your growth.

Tel: 0207 856 0105