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Company: Old Moore's Almanac

Title: First Published in 1764.

Tel: 01 437 1163

Fax: 01 276 1893

Company: Drystock Farmer

Title: ICSA has been representing the interests of drystock farmers for the last 15 years.

Tel: 057 866 2120

Fax: 057 866 2121

Company: Farm and Plant Buyers Guide

Title: Farm & Plant Buyers Guide is Ireland's highest selling agricultural magazine delivering results for over 120 Irish dealers, both north and south each issue.

Tel: 01 457 7018


Company: Forage and Nutrition Guide

Title: The Forage & Nutrition Guide contains the latest advice and information on grassland management written by respected, independent, industry experts.

Tel: 01 709 6900


Company: Irish Farmers Monthly

Title: Affiliation: ICMSA.

Tel: 01 709 6900


Company: Today's Farm

Title: Today’s farm is a bi-monthly publication produced in a joint venture between Teagasc and the Agricultural Trust, publishers of the Irish Farmers Journal and The Irish Field.

Tel: 059 917 0200

Fax: 059 918 3498