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Company: Cork Christmas Tree Farm

Title: For over 25 years, the Riordan family has been dedicated to producing quality timber and Christmas trees for a great experience. With their passion rooted in forestry since 1991, this is no surprise! Every year they plant thousands of non-shedding Noble fir or Nordmann firs which can take up to 12 years before reaching 6 ft., but when that time comes you'll be well on your way into getting some beautiful natural Christmas tree decorating ideas.

Tel: +353852038191


Company: Cork Christmas Trees

Title: The tradition of planting and caring for trees have been a part of the Riordan family since Fintan's grandfather, who once ran an apple orchard in County Cork. Here at our farm we're dedicated to providing you with beautiful Christmas Trees while always looking out for your safety! Every year, thousands more non-shedding spruce are planted so that they can grow large enough within 12 years to provide us with high quality timber.

Tel: +353877691389