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Company: A Man & Ink

Title: Animation and Multimedia Studio

Tel: 091 501046

Fax: 091 501047

Company: Brown Bag Films

Title: 2D & 3D animation, claymation and motion graphics, TV series and films. Online editing and compositing for animation and motion graphics.

Tel: 01 872 1608

Fax: 01 8716305

Company: Cartoon Saloon

Title: Cartoon Saloon Animation Studio develops and produces animated feature films and TV series projects while producing award winning short films, television commercials, graphic novels and children’s books.

Tel: 056 776 4481

Fax: 056 772 0089

Company: Emedia

Title: eMedia is an award-winning Interactive Media Design Company, specializing in 3D medical animations and interactive technology enhanced learning.

Tel: 091 751406

Fax: 091 762 055

Company: Giant Animation

Title: Giant Animation is an independent CG animation studio dedicated to creating and producing world class content for TV and film.

Tel: 087 607 4427


Company: Kavaleer Productions Limited

Title: Kavaleer are an innovative animation and design solutions studio based in Dublin. Purveyors of fine animation, providers of bespoke interactive and graphics content.

Tel: 01 661 8585


Company: Monster Animation & Design

Title: We specialise in animation for children, specifically long-running TV Series for pre-schoolers and primary school children.

Tel: 01 603 4980


Company: Treehouse Republic

Title: Treehouse Republic is a creative-led award-winning 2D animation studio. Having been raised on Saturday morning cartoons while searching for the toys in the cereal box has led to a strong comedy action core that they pour over all their work. With over 20 hours of content created to date, Treehouse loves nothing more than to develop series' from the initial concept and follow through to the final output and have the ability to claim up to 32% Tax back on Irish spend. From their studio in the heart of Dublin, they create amazing animations for all ages.

Tel: 01 662 9688


Company: Guy with Red Beard

Title: Animation & Motion Graphics

Tel: 083 044 1340


Company: Lightroom 3D

Title: Lightroom 3D, formerly known as CMG Designs, was established in 2009 by Cian McGrath, a skilled digital artist and animator

Tel: 086 821 4055