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Company: Archaeology Ireland

Title: Archaeology Ireland provides a constant stream of articles, news and features, covering many areas in archaeology including science, art, architecture, history, geography, economics, sociology, anthropology, religion and more.

Tel: 01 293 3568


Company: Architecture Ireland Incorporating Irish Architect

Title: Affiliation: Official journal of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland

Tel: 01 295 8115/6

Fax: 01 295 9350

Company: Construction Information Services Report (CIS)

Title: CIS is Ireland's market leader in supplying construction project information across All-Ireland. We provide real time, in-depth information on construction projects from pre-planning to on-site stages.

Tel: 01 299 9239

Fax: 01 299 9299

Company: House + Design Magazine

Title: house + design is a new architectural consumer magazine published by the RIAI and its journal Architecture Ireland.

Tel: 01 295 8115/6

Fax: 01 295 9350

Company: Ireland Electrical Magazine

Title: The Electrical Magazine is a proven way to connect directly with the electrical industry in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Tel: 048 92 612990

Fax: 048 92 612091

Company: Irish Building Magazine

Title: Ireland's journal of choice for the Building Sector.

Tel: 01 442 9264

Fax: 01 280 6030

Company: Irish Construction Industry Magazines

Title: Irish Construction Industry Magazine is Ireland’s most highly respected construction publication, circulated to industry leaders and opinion makers with 85% of readership at director and senior management level.

Tel: 01 848 2286


Company: Keystone

Title: Keystone Ireland is a high quality, bimonthly Trade Newspaper for the construction and design industry throughout Ireland. Featuring news, project features and new product information in an easy to read format.

Tel: 048 90 319008

Fax: 048 90 727800

Company: Modern Builder

Title: The UK & Ireland's Premier Building Trade Directory

Tel: +44 (0) 2891 451 522


Company: Passive House Plus

Title: Published in separate Irish and UK editions, Passive House Plus is an award-winning bimonthly magazine focused on highly energy efficient, healthy, sustainable buildings.

Tel: 01 210 7513


Company: Perspective

Title: Perspective is the official publication for the Royal Society of Ulster Architects (RSUA) and has been published by Ulster Tatler Group since 2001.

Tel: 048 90 663311

Fax: 048 90 381915

Company: Plan Magazine : The Art of Architecture and Design

Title: Plan Magazine is the oldest magazine for the architectural community in Ireland.

Tel: 01 848 2286


Company: Plumbing and Heating in Northern Ireland

Title: A Trade Magazine for Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland

Tel: 048 92 612990

Fax: 048 92 612091

Company: Project Management

Title: Project Management is Ireland's leading publication for professionals within the building, civil, engineering and local government sectors.

Tel: 01 868 6640

Fax: 01 868 6651

Company: SelfBuild Ireland Ltd

Title: The only company in Ireland specialising in the Selfbuild market with our self build exhibitions & magazines.

Tel: 048 97 510 570


Company: Specify

Title: Since 1980 Specify has been the leading magazine for the entire construction industry in Northern Ireland. Covering all aspects of building and related trades, Specify is widely read by architects, trade suppliers and engineers.

Tel: 048 90 783200

Fax: 048 90 783210

Company: Surveyors Journal

Title: Society of Chartered Surveyors.

Tel: 01 856 1166

Fax: 01 856 1169

Company: The Property Professional

Title: Magazine of the Institute of Professional Auctioneers & Valuers

Tel: 01 615 4715


Company: Premium Log House

Title: We make totally bespoke log cabins that can be used for literally any space you can think of, whether it be a garden room, garden office, entertaining space, children’s playroom, music studio, sewing room, reading room etc…

Tel: 015313399


Company: Stone Solutions Constructions Inc

Title: Stone Solutions Construction is an Edmonton based construction company offering high quality general contracting, stone masonry, venetian plastering, microcement plastering, mineral plastering, exterior renovations services.

Tel: (780) 242-5326