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Company: Castelli Ireland

Title: Formed in 1994, Castelli Diaries Ltd., has grown to be a market leader at the forefront of product design, producing more than 10 million diaries and notebooks for the UK and Irish market each year.

Tel: 01 670 9100

Fax: 01 677 5470

Company: O'Brien Printing

Title: OBRIEN PRINTING operating from a modern factory in Dublin West, have built up over the years a reputation for high standards that has seen its products sell in the world market place.

Tel: 01 626 6722

Fax: 01 626 8477

Company: Portfolio Agencies

Title: Trade distributors and printers to the promotional gift and souvenir trade, Diary and calendar publishing.

Tel: 01 839 4918

Fax: 01 839 5230

Company: The Personalizer

Title: Affiliation: INCA.

Tel: 01 283 3033 / 086 811 1400