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Company: Cancer Professional

Title: Cancer Professional is aimed at health professionals right across the multi-disciplinary spectrum with an interest in diagnosis and treatment of cancer and holistic care of the cancer patient and their families. The publication will cover all issues related to these areas including the latest developments in diagnostic technology, prevention, updates on treatment, and ongoing follow-up of patients.

Tel: 01 280 3967

Fax: 01 280 7076

Company: Converse Magazine

Title: Converse is the official publication of the Academy of Medical Laboratory Science.

Tel: 01 285 9111


Company: Diabetes Ireland

Title: Official journal of the Diabetes Federation of Ireland

Tel: 01 280 3967

Fax: 01 280 7076

Company: Euro Times

Title: A European Outlook on the World of Ophthalmology

Tel: 01 209 1100


Company: Forum

Title: Affiliation: Official journal of the Irish College of General Practitioners.

Tel: 01 280 3967

Fax: 01 280 7076

Company: Health and Safety Times

Title: The publication is circulated to Ireland's Health Service Professionals.

Tel: 01 678 5165

Fax: 01 678 5191

Company: Hospital Doctor Of Ireland

Title: Hospital Doctor is a monthly clinical journal tailored to meet the continuing education requirements of medical specialists and hospital trainees.

Tel: 01 2710218

Fax: 01 280 7076

Company: HPN – Hospital Pharmacy News Ireland

Title: The Independent Voice of Hospital Pharmacy.

Tel: 01 6690562


Company: IPN – Irish Pharmacy News

Title: The independent voice of community pharmacy.

Tel: 01 6690562


Company: IPU Review

Title: Affiliation: Official journal of the Irish Pharmacy Union.

Tel: 01 493 6401

Fax: 01 493 6626

Company: Irish Dentist

Title: Irish Dentist is Ireland’s independent dentistry title.

Tel: 0044 1923 851777


Company: Irish Journal Of Medical Science

Title: Affiliation: Official journal of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland.

Tel: 01 633 4820

Fax: 01 633 4918

Company: Irish Journal Of Psychology

Title: The Irish Journal of Psychology is the academic journal of the Psychological Society of Ireland.

Tel: 01 472 0105


Company: Irish Medical Directory

Title: The Irish Medical Directory is Ireland's premium medical publication.

Tel: 01 492 6040

Fax: 01 492 6040

Company: Irish Medical Journal

Title: The IMJ is more than just a medical journal. It is part of the fabric and culture of medicine in Ireland.

Tel: 01 676 7273

Fax: 01 661 2758

Company: Irish Medical Times

Title: Irish Medical Times is Ireland’s first medical newspaper.

Tel: 01 817 6300

Fax: 01 817 6335

Company: Irish Pharmacist

Title: The independent monthly for Irish pharmacists.

Tel: 01 441 0024


Company: JIDA - Journal of the Irish Dental Association

Title: The official journal of the Irish Dental Association.

Tel: 01 856 1166

Fax: 01 856 1169

Company: LifeScience Industry

Title: LifeScience industry is Ireland’s only annual publication representing the rapidly expanding pharma/healthcare and medical device sectors.

Tel: 01 868 6640

Fax: 01 868 6651

Company: Medical Independent

Title: The Medical Independent is a fortnightly newspaper aimed at Irish doctors.

Tel: (01) 441 0024