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Company: Wilson Hartnell

Title: Affiliation: Ogilvy & Mather Group. Wilson Hartnell (WH) is one of the longest established communications consultancies in Ireland. Today it is also the largest and most successful consultancy in the country representing a wide range of practices.

Tel: 01 669 0030

Fax: 01 669 0039

Company: Zenith PR

Title: Expert Communications & Training

Tel: 086 8068821


Company: Bridge Consultants

Title: Bridge Consulting provides a range of specialist regulatory compliance, risk, corporate governance and consulting support services to a substantial global client base which includes investment managers, regulated fund structures and fund service providers.

Tel: 01 566 9800


Company: Keating and Associates

Title: Ireland’s Leading Independent Corporate Communications Consultancy.

Tel: 01 662 0345


Company: Lean Consultants Ireland

Title: At LBS Partners we share one great passion with organisational leaders like you. We know that all processes, all systems, and all people – can get BETTER at what they do. Can do more. Go further. Get greater results. More importantly, we know how to take you there. Find your BETTER, now.

Tel: 061 518408


Company: Limelight Communications

Title: Limelight Communications is a multi award winning full service agency providing corporate and consumer public relations, event management and public affairs for clients drawn from a wide range of industry and service sectors.

Tel: 01 668 0600

Fax: 01 667 8125

Company: O'Carroll Consulting

Title: OCC is a small PR agency with a big reputation for creativity and, quite simply, the best personal service in the industry. We’re based in Dublin but work all over Ireland for brands with courage and foresight, particularly those involved with interiors and design, non-profit and corporate responsibility.

Tel: 087 628 6171


Company: Pathfinder Consultants

Title: Centralised shared services enabling growth – your transformation experts.

Tel: 01 910 8908


Company: Vulcan Consulting

Title: Vulcan Consulting specialise in providing clients with strategic advice on navigating political and regulatory hurdles across Europe.

Tel: 01 775 9413


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