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Company: Africa – St Patrick's Missions

Title: Affiliation: St Patrick’s Missionary Bulletin

Tel: 059 647 3600

Fax: 059 647 3622

Company: Alive !

Title: Alive! is a 16-page, free, monthly Catholic newspaper distributed throughout Ireland. It presents news, features and comment from a Catholic perspective.

Tel: 01 404 8187


Company: Catholic Ireland

Title: An online source of Information and Inspiration.

Tel: 01 6077150


Company: Church Of Ireland Gazette

Title: First published in March 1856 as a monthly journal under the title, The Irish Ecclesiastical Gazette, the Gazette became weekly in 1880. Its name was changed to The Church of Ireland Gazettein 1900. A full archive of back copies is held at the Representative Church Body Library, Braemor Park, Dublin.

Tel: 048 92 675743

Fax: 048 92 667580

Company: Doctrine and Life

Title: Doctrine and Life incorporating Religious life review

Tel: 01 872 1611

Fax: 01 873 1760

Company: Healing & Development

Title: The Medical Missionaries of Mary are an international missionary congregation of Catholic women religious.

Tel: 01 288 7180

Fax: 01 283 4626

Company: Intercom

Title: Intercom is a pastoral and liturgical resource magazine published by Veritas Group, an agency of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Commission on Communications.

Tel: 01 878 8177

Fax: 01 878 6507

Company: Irish Theological Quarterly

Title: The Irish Theological Quarterly (ITQ) is a refereed journal of systematic, moral, and historical theology, and of sacred scripture, founded in the Pontifical University at St Patrick's College, Maynooth

Tel: 01 708 3496

Fax: 01 708 3441

Company: Pioneer

Title: Affiliation: Pioneer Total Abstinence Association of the Sacred Heart.

Tel: 01 805 4226

Fax: 01 874 8485

Company: Reality Magazine

Title: Reality Magazine: Informing, inspiring and challenging today’s Catholic.

Tel: 01 492 2488

Fax: 01 492 7999

Company: Salesian Bulletin

Title: Quarterly not-for-profit magazine of the Irish province of the Salesians of Don Bosco, produced by SDB MEDIA.

Tel: 01 4555605

Fax: 01 630 3601

Company: Search

Title: A Church of Ireland Journal, first saw the light in 1978 as the successor to New Divinity and Resources.

Tel: 01 275 0737


Company: Spirituality

Title: .

Tel: 01 872 1611

Fax: 01 873 1760

Company: The Furrow

Title: The Furrow is a monthly journal for the contemporary Church. It enjoys an international reputation as a courageous and impartial forum for discussion of challenges facing the Church today and of the resources available to meet them.

Tel: 01 708 3741

Fax: 01 708 3908

Company: Sacred Heart Messenger

Title: The Sacred Heart Messenger magazine is Ireland’s bestselling religious magazine, and celebrated130 years of continuous publication in 2018. A modern message in a much-loved tradition!

Tel: +353 1 6767491