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Supplying Finished Artwork: If possible, please supply finished artwork in PDF/X1-a format. PDF/X1-a: 2001 is a PDF specification which has been developed for commercial printing work. Artwork specifications are based on this standard (PDFs conforming to PDF/X1-a: 2001 may be acceptable).
The following points must be remembered:
Where applicable, Preflight any files prior to sending.
Ensure your advert dimensions are correct.
Where applicable, please create Golden Pages “Spot Colours” using the exact CMYK colour breakdown.
Be advised that low resolution web images will reproduce poorly if printed on directory paper.

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Tel: 01 618 8000
Fax: 01 618 8001
Email: [email protected]
Address:FCR Media Ireland, St Martin’s House Waterloo Road Dublin 4 Ireland


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