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Hall Public Relations

At Hall PR we provide a discreet service to our clients, large and small, assisting them to manage communications with their stakeholders, through growth, renewal and in times of crisis.

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Founded in 1973, The Hall Company has the distinction of being the second longest-serving public relations consultancy in Ireland amongst those still in practice. We have experience in helping clients manage their public relations in almost every imaginable scenario.



Whether in Public Relations, Corporate Affairs, Digital Communications or Online Market ResearchThe Hall Company devises campaigns in consultation with our clients, which are then implemented by us in accordance with the brief we have received and the requirements applicable in each particular situation.

As one company is distinctly different from another in style, nature and character – different even from similar companies operating in the same sector – so too will the campaign requirements of each client company differ.  Therefore, each plan that we construct is designed according to the needs of each client and tailored to individual requirements.

In our world, client relationships are about much more than just growth and fee income. For us, the first rule is that we must be interested in the company that we represent and the business that they do. We believe this to be a principal foundation on which a successful business relationship can be built.


Ashley Hall



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Don Hall

Managing Director


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Tel: 01 660 9377
Fax: 01 660 9742
Email: [email protected]
Address:1 Northumberland Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland


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