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IMJ’s unrivalled reputation in the marketplace has earned us a number of prestigious awards over the years  – most recently IMJ was named Business Magazine of the Year at the 2010 & 2012 Magazines Ireland Awards.



Cover Price

Annual Subscription: €160 + VAT

Mechanical Data

Full Page: 330mm x 230mm (+ 5mm bleed all around), Half Page Landscape, Floating: 155mm x 204mm (no bleed), Half Page Landscape, Bleed: 170mm x 230 (+ 5mm bleed)*, Half Page Portrait, Floating: 101mm x 303mm (no bleed), Half Page Portrait, Bleed:114mm x 330mm (+5mm bleed)*, Third Page Landscape, Floating: 100mm X 204mm (no bleed), Third Page Landscape, Bleed: 114mm x 230mm (+ 5mm bleed)*, Third Page Portrait - Floating: 64mm x 303mm (no bleed), Third Page Portrait - Bleed: 77mm x 330 (+5mm bleed)*

* All artwork for ads with bleeds must have at least 5mm bleed. Full Page Advertisements to be supplied as High-Resolution, PDF, Half and Third Page Advertisement to be supplied as High-Resolution j-peg, eps or Tiff. Digital transfer to: [email protected] or on disk to: Jennifer Komertzky-Bowe, Irish Marketing Journal, 45 Upper Mount Street, Dublin 2.

Rate Cards
Last updated
23.09.2010 06:05
Rate Type Rate Description Rate
Colour DPS 5,200 EUR
Colour Full Page 3,120 EUR
Colour Half Page 1,960 EUR
Colour One Third Page 1,500 EUR
Colour Sixth Page (minimum 3 insertions) On request EUR
Special Position IFC 3,230 EUR
Special Position OBC 3,290 EUR
Special Position 1st DPS 5,590 EUR
Inserts Loose Leaf On request EUR

Kellie Kearns

Subscriptions & Marketing Manager


Email: [email protected]

Faye Keegan

Production Manager


Email: [email protected]

John McGee




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Tel: 01 661 1660
Fax: 01 661 1632
Email: [email protected]
Address:Adworld Ventures Ltd, 63 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2, Ireland


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