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Irish Pharmachem Buyer's Guide

Affiliation: PharmaChemical Ireland (formerly the IPCMF)

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Mechanical Data

Format: A4 Colour. Full Page Trim Size 297 x 210mm, Type 267 x 180mm, Bleed 307 x 220mm; Half Page Horizontal 131 x 180mm (Bleed 150 x 215mm), Upright 267 x 88mm (Bleed 307 x 107mm); Quarter Page Horizontal 64 x 180mm (Bleed 84 x 215mm), Upright 131 x 88mm (Bleed 150 x 107mm). Copy may be submitted in PDF format (full page ads only), QuarkXPress, Photoshop or Illustrator. Graphics can be submitted on disk (CD, floppy or Zip) or via ISDN (01 241 3050).  Or email to

Rate Cards
Last updated
05.10.2010 08:44
Rate Type Rate Description Rate
Colour DPS 4,995
Colour Full Page 3,295
Colour Half Page 2,095
Colour Quarter Page 1,095
Special Positions IFC 3,695
Special Positions IBC 3,495
Special Positions OBC 3,895
Special Positions Boxed Logo/Listing 495
Special Positions Company Listing 195
Special Positions Listing & Logo 425
Special Positions Online Listing 195
Special Positions Product Promotion 595
Classified 395
Inserts On request
Advert Make Up Charges Full Page Colour 350
Advert Make Up Charges Half Page Colour 250
Advert Make Up Charges Quarter Page Colour 150
Agency Commission 15%

Kathleen Belton

Editorial & Marketing Director



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Tel: 01 241 3095
Fax: 01 241 3010
Address:Tara Publishing Co Ltd Fitzwilliam House, 14 Upper Fitzwilliam Street Dublin 2 Ireland


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