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Northern Woman Magazine

Northern Woman (NW) is Northern Ireland's premier fashion, beauty and lifestyle glossy publication. Established in 1984, NW has consistently led the field, having won the CIPR Magazine of the Year award twice

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Northern Woman manages to strike the perfect balance of local and national coverage, celebrity and real-life content. We believe that NW's real selling point, though, lies in the fact that there simply is no other publication of local origin which provides the same levels of value for money, variety and, ultimately, pure quality. Northern Woman prides itself on its innovative design, in which both editorial and advertising copy is presented in a clean, stylish, inviting and easy-to-read format.



Mechanical Data

Quarter Page 89 (Wide) x 134mm (High); Half Page (Horizontal) 182 (Wide) x 134mm (High), (Vertical) 89 (Wide) x 272mm (High); Full Page Type Area 195 (Wide) x 280mm (High), Trim 215 (Wide) x 300mm (High), Bleed 225 (Wide) x 310mm (High); DPS Type Area 410 (Wide) x 280mm (High), Trim 430 (Wide) x 300mm (High), Bleed 440 (Wide) x 310mm (High). Copy Requirements: Please submit camera-ready artwork or clear layout instructions with high quality artwork for logos or illustrations that require scanning. If submitting copy as a computer generated file, please supply as QuarkXPress 4.0 or later or InDesign, together with all relevant graphics and fonts. We will also accept PDF files and EPS files with all fonts embedded. All images received whether by ISDN, Email or on CD must be of a high quality resolution – 300 pixels per inch or higher. It is preferable that all artwork be supplied on CD together with a full colour proof. Apple Mac format only please. Assistance with copy preparation is freely available if required. Colour Sequence: Cyan – Yellow – Magenta – Black.

Rate Cards
Last updated
16.06.2014 14:58
Rate Type Rate Description Rate
Colour Full Page 1,100 GBP
Colour Half Page 750 GBP
Colour DPS 1,950 GBP
Colour Quarter Page 395 GBP
Special Positions OBC 1,250 GBP
Special Positions IBC 1,100 GBP
Special Positions . +20% GBP
Inserts . Accepted by arrangement GBP
Bleed Pages . +10% GBP
Agency Commission . 15% GBP

E Doherty

Sales / Manager

Tel: 048 9026 4264

Email: [email protected]

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Tel: 048 9026 4264
Email: [email protected]
Address:33 Clarendon Road Clarendon Dock Belfast Northern Ireland


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