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RTÉ Television Sales


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In 2012, RTÉ Television had an average Adult share of 53% based on the commercial channels selling here (28 channels made up the other 47%).

We broadcast 19 of the Top 20 programmes and all 19 were home-produced by RTÉ.

Source: TAM Ireland Ltd / Nielsen TAM / National / Consolidated

Additional Offices

Belfast & London Office
Brian Kinder, Head of Sales, Belfast & London
Tel: +44 2890 442938

Rate Cards
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17.09.2010 06:44
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Advertising Rates All television advertising rates are negotiable with RTÉ. Please contact RTÉ TV Sales for further information
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Tel: 01 208 2745
Fax: 01 208 3097
Address:RTÉ Television Sales Ground Floor, Stage 7, Donnybrook Dublin 4 Ireland


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