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Sanncus Software Asset & Licencing Management

Sanncus are a premier provider of software asset and licencing management solutions in the UK & Ireland. Our auditing consultants will help your compliance.

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Sanncus specialises in software asset management. Software asset management is a modern day concern for every organisation, large or small.  Sanncus offers clients software asset management services, consultancy and training to ensure that all organisations are compliant in regard to software licensing.

Sanncus has developed a software program and training services to assist organisations with software asset management. Most company directors and certainly their auditors are aware that software asset management is an important part of the audit process of every company.

Company directors are aware that any failure in compliance can mean significant fines and or imprisonment . Court convictions for the directors of the company concerned are also possible.  Obviously, all company directors, and indeed software vendors want to avoid this at all costs.

Currently, software vendors and inclined to audit companies every three or four years, often producing some form of balancing statement at the end of the audit to true up  a compliance and license situation. This is not efficient or effective, from either party’s prospective.  From the software vendors perspective it means a potential confrontation situation with clients every three or four years, while the clients look upon it as an intrusion into their normal day-to-day business. Clearly there must be a better way, and now there is.

Sanncus has developed a software and service portfolio of products to address this issue.

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