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Ulster Grocer

The voice of the Northern Ireland food retailing industry for over 40 years Ulster Grocer is the key medium to reach the independent sector and the UK multiples' buying personnel.

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Covering all aspects of the trade including manufacturing and supply and with a particular emphasis on the independent trading sector, Ulster Grocer offers an authoritative and comprehensive insight into the grocery trade in the province.

Ulster Grocer is also distributed to key players in:

• Food & Drink Production, Processing and Manufacturing

• Agents & Distributors

• Independent Suppliers

• Wholesalers, including Trading Managers across all categories

• Cash & Carry Outlets

• Off-Licences

• Politicians, trade bodies and key industry influencers



Mechanical Data

Standard Page 270 x 183mm, Bleed Page 305 x 215mm, Trim Size 297 x 210mm, DPS Bleed 305 x 430mm, DPS Trim 297 x 420mm, DPS Type Area 270 x 380mm, Half Page 127 x 183mm or 267 x 89mm. Screen 54 Metric. Litho positives – Right reading side up, emulsion on bottom. Colour sequence: Blue-Yellow-Magenta-Black. Colour: Separated positives and progressives (otherwise by arrangement).

Rate Cards
Last updated
13.06.2017 14:10
Rate Type Rate Description Rate
Colour Full Page 1,785 GBP
Colour Half Page 1,260 GBP
Colour DPS 2,800 GBP
Colour Half Page Spread 2,050 GBP
Special Positions IFC 1,890 GBP
Special Positions OBC 2,050 GBP
Special Positions Front and Back Cover 4,600 GBP
Special Positions CPS 2,850 GBP
Colour Quarter Page 630 GBP
Readership / Listenership
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10.03.2015 15:18

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Chris Keenan


Tel: 028 9026 4268


Alyson Magee


Tel: 028 9026 4268


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Address:Belfast Telegraph House 33 Clarendon Road, Clarendon Dock, Belfast BT1 3BG Northern Ireland


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