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How to test the skills of a UX researcher when hiring?
Testing the skills of a UX researcher candidate can be challenging, especially when there is no researching competence in the team yet. Here are some tests, tasks, questions, and methods of verifying a candidate’s potential.

Platforms for hate
Why people are begging us to not share videos of mass murders or hateful manifestos online.

Data in user research
How to use data in user research when you have no access to web analytics data.

The color black
Ten unexpected and exciting new ways to look at the color black.

News & ideas

  • Google Stadia
    Google unveils its cloud gaming service, launching in 2019.
  • Diversi-feed
    This tool analyzes how gender-balanced your Twitter feed is.
  • Phonetic map
    Where sounds happen in the human mouth when speaking English.
  • AI-generated
    A collection of This ___ Does Not Exist sites that have sprung up recently.
  • Web performance
    Who has the fastest website in F1?

Tools & resources

  • Killed by Google
    A comprehensive list of dead Google products, services, and devices.
  • Hello Goodbye
    This extension blocks every chat or helpdesk pop up in your browser.
  • Startup Calculator
    Move the sliders for customized startup management advice.
  • Threads
    A Slack competitor focused on enabling better online team discussions.
  • CSS Grids
    How to convince your team to adopt them.
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