By Kevin Allen.

There are 3 billion searches on Google every day.

That’s absolutely incredible—and potentially terrifying, if you’re a marketer. With so many searches and so much to search for, how can you ensure that your organization can take a sip of that sweet, sweet search traffic?

The answer is search engine optimization.

SEO is a skill that must be learned, honed and evolved as these search engine algorithms become smarter.

So, what if you’re a beginning student of SEO? Think back to how you learned to read. Before you launched into Chaucer’s pros, you had to nail down your ABCs. It’s no different with this marketing tactic.

Start at the A—anchor text, (Google) AdWords, algorithm and alt text—and work your way through the alphabet: back link, content, directory, external links and so on.

To help you along this journey, check out the infographic below from Red Square SEO:

By Kevin Allen

Sourced from Ragan’s PR Daily