By Ronn Torossian

What are the tactics that will produce results this year? Here are four that should be the basis of your 2019 strategy.

To succeed in 2019, you need to learn from your mistakes in 2018 as well as start setting new goals for the  year.

If you really want to start on the right foot, then you can’t just recycle all the same strategies and tactics. There needs to be a fresh approach that gives your marketing strategy the boost it needs for the new year.

Here are four ways to redefine your marketing tools for 2019:

1. Make video marketing a priority.

The importance of appealing, original and creative video content cannot be stressed enough.

Video marketing is the most dominant and effective form of marketing. According to the Aberdeen Group, a market intelligence firm, video marketers get 66 percent more qualified leads each year as well as have a 54 percent increase in brand awareness.

So, if you want results from your marketing strategy, step up your video marketing. Don’t just make it something you dip your toes in, video marketing should be at the forefront of your strategy. Use various video content like vlogs, video interviews, tutorials or how-to videos, video presentations, live streams, product demos, reviews and more.

2. Focus on the buyer.

Shift your focus from being sales centric to customer-centric.

Put your buyers and customers first, and start focusing on meeting their needs rather than fulfilling your goals. This means getting to know your buyers so you can create content that will pique their interest.

To get ahead of the game, understand B2B buyers by finding out their challenges and processes. With all this information, you can create great content that can meet the needs of your buyer as well as drive your business.

3. Test your methods.

A good marketing strategy looks to constantly improve your efforts. If you’re just focused on selling then at some point, your efforts will stagnate and the momentum of your marketing campaign will stall. A marketing strategy that embraces the power of conducting small tests will help avoid this problem.

Iterative or A/B testing is a key example of how to get the best out of your marketing strategy. This test involves testing two, or more, versions of digital marketing assets to ascertain which one performs the best. Apply these tests on your website, your emails and ads to ensure you’re employing the most effective marketing asset.

4. Get serious about brand marketing.

If you want to set yourself apart in this competitive marketplace, you need to be more than just a provider of good r services. Building a brand means giving your product personality. When people think of your brand, they should think of what it represents, whether it’s convenience or innovation or community welfare.

Let your consumers and buyers feel like they’re buying so much more than a product. Building a brand will be beneficial to your marketing efforts in the long run as it will make customers relate to and trust your brand.

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By Ronn Torossian

Ronn Torossian is CEO of leading PR firm 5WPR.

Sourced from Ragan’s PR Daily

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