Latest reactive OOH work by Grand Visual is running in London and Manchester

Outdoor footwear brand Sorel is the latest advertiser to use reactive digital OOH advertising in the U.K., with a campaign that promotes different walking boots not only according to whether it’s night or day, but to the temperature outside.

The ads, which are running in London and Manchester, feature varied products from Sorel’s range according to whether it’s before or after 5pm, with products shot against a dark, “night” background appearing in the evening. The weather and temperature also triggers a range of creative, with products being advertised according to whether it’s wet or dry and whether the temperature drops below 12 degrees Celsius (54F).

The campaign was conceived in-house, produced by Grand Visual, with planning and buying by UM and Rapport. Live updates are managed through Grand Visual’s OpenLoop system, which analyses Met Office data and automates the geo-targeted playout to each individual screen. The DOOH activity supports a broader campaign spanning digital, social, and print.

The weather-reactive idea is nothing new, as advertisers including Burberry and McDonald’s, in another effort from Grand Visual, have released reactive outdoor campaigns that respond to the conditions.

By Alexandra Jardine

Sourced from AdAge