By Jeremie Douchet

You are a designer of things

Your activity is closely linked to the Fine Arts (Architecture, Fashion…). You own a design studio or work at one. Do you care about your users? No. You are an artist. You have a huge ego. You want to leave a mark in the world. You want a legacy. You most likely have a tortured mind and wear colours and patterns that should never be associated with one another. The frames of your eyeglasses are the first thing that people notice about you. You are seen at the Venise Biennale or at Art Basel Miami.

You’re a little bitch.

You are a designer of visuals

You work at a job in the Applied Arts (Graphic designer, Webdesigner…) or Advertising. You are freelance or are working in some kind of agency. Your colour is black for everything you own: your clothes, your car, your phone, your dog and your fixie bike. You eat quinoa and take coke for dessert. Do you care about your users? No, you design to manipulate the customers’ needs. You use your creativity to sell things, but your ego stops where your client’s ego begins. You can be found in cafes drinking lattes and working on your MacBook Pro.

You are that close to being evil, you’re stylish instead.

You are a designer of experiences

Your expertise is the interaction between humans and interfaces. Everything is an interface to you. You work to make the world a better place. You question everything. You used to have an ego, but not anymore, since the phrases “you are not your user” and “don’t get attached to your ideas” became your mantras. You are ridiculously overpaid to “fails early and often”. Not only that, but nobody can fire you if you make a mistake, as it is part of the process. Do you care about your users? Yes, and you have so much empathy for them, you refuse to call them “users”. You are now using the words “humans” or “beautiful beings” instead.

You are the future.

By Jeremie Douchet

Sourced from UX Collective