By Aman Habib

Setting up a blog can be easy. But it requires passion, as well as determination, to make it grow big! Blogging is not just about stuffing content into the internet for others to read. Blogging is passion, where others come to seek knowledge, consult and trust blindly! You know how much blogging can influence over one’s life, when you realize yourself reading this, seeking knowledge to succeed with your blog as a beginner! Believe me but blogging isn’t something easy. There are certain phases along the way, that are easy as well as difficult to get done.

1. Choose your blogging niche — the brain of your blog

Deciding what to choose to write about is something that you should consider wasting time on. Never write under multiple categories. Going with a single category is always recommended and is the best! Don’t write about what you want; writing about what you want and what you know is different. So write about what you want and what you know — at least the basics! This is your first step towards blogging and deciding on the right niche can be a bit complicated. However, spend some time on this and you’ll eventually come up with an idea.

2. Choose the platform to set up your blog

Don’t just go out there and set everything with just what you see. Take time to go through and test out different softwares to blog on. Be it wordpress, blogger, wix, weebly, etc., choose the one that feels easy for you.

3. Things to know about domain — the address for your blog

  • If you have the finance to spend some money for your blog, then buying a domain is recommended. Buying a “.com” domain is the best choice to opt for, but it doesn’t matter if it differs — choose the one within your budget.
  • If you don’t have any dollars to spend, don’t worry. You can continue with the free domain that every website building softwares offer you. Since this is just a blog, using a paid domain or free domain doesn’t make much of a difference. But purchasing a domain will add that premium look to your blog and it will be easy for someone new to directly come to your website.
  • Make sure you name your blog something simple and easy to understand, but if you can still manage to make it unique, then you’re blessed! People can be lazy sometimes and making it something too long or too complicated to remember will literally keep people from reaching your blog.

3. Creating content — the spine of your blog

This is the most important part in blogging. As I have already mentioned, choose a category that you want, as well as know about. This helps you produce high-quality, authentic and real content, which is what people want. When going on about making a blog post, choose a title that you think will get the attention of others. Don’t just try to stuff up something. Research more, even if you know what you are writing about. Spend 5–10 minutes on researching, remember what you read and then start writing. As a blogger, it is important to obtain the readers’ trust. Prove them that you have the ability to share original, fact-full content. Audience is the key, and making a good first impression is vital!

4. Build your way through — the path to success

  • Reaching out to readers is a difficult task. If you have a few dollars to spend, then wait no more and hire a marketer! The more you invest in marketing, more likely you are to generate and attract audience to your blog. A word of advice, marketing can be costly sometimes. When hiring a marketer, look for quality as well as worthiness. There are a lot of scams out there and most of them won’t even really market for you; they just put the link to your blog on some social media groups and anywhere else you can think of, that are literally “inactive” or “dead!” Finding your ideal marketer from upwork is recommended as it the best freelancing website out there as of now.
  • If you don’t have money to spend, no need to worry because you still can carve a way on your own — it just takes time. Without a marketer, you can spread the word of your blog on your own. Tell everyone about your blog through social media, personal talks, discussions, etc. Just because you don’t have a marketer, doesn’t mean you’re not going to be successful in blogging. Without a marketer, you’ll have to be patient as it takes time to pass on from one reader to another! Either way, patience is the key! No one has ever succeeded overnight, and if you heard someone did, then that bullshit! The fact is, it’ll take months, even years, to be an “overnight” success!
  • Promote your blog by giving away free stuff! It is essential to encourage your audience to support you and one way to do that is showing your love to them. Schedule giveaways, once a week, twice a month, or at least thrice a year! Earn their respect, love and loyalty. After all, you’re nothing without them!
  • Be all ears on your audience. When you get audience that trusts you, you’ll see comments starting to kick in. These comments will have requests, blessing, negatives, suggestions, etc. Hear what they have to say and improve yourself, and your blog, for them. Also, it is essential to respond to their comments as it will keep them alive and active.

Your audience and the category you choose to write about are two vital things in blogging so make sure you put extra time and effort into these. Have a great time building your blog 🙂

Feature Image Credit: Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

By Aman Habib

Writer | gamer | traveler. Devoted to words! I love to inspire and motivate. Words move worlds — I believe it isn’t a myth anymore.

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