Our latest mediastreet podcast is an informed and informative round table discussion between  Willie O’Reilly (Commercial Director) RTE, Eddie O’Mahony (Director) Core Media, Steve Dempsey (Journalist) Sunday Business Post and Pierce O’Reilly (CEO) Irish TV, leading players in the Television and Media Industry in Ireland.  A fascinating insight by the experts into how they see the evolution of television as a media channel. A fascinating exchange of views, moderated expertly by Alex Gibson of  The Persuaders


Once again we would like to acknowledge the kind assistance of Mick Hanley of Dublin City FM who provided the studio and recording facilities for us.

We believe you will find this Podcast a very interesting discussion on another current topics in media today.


L to R:, Eddie O’Mahony (Director) Core Media, Pierce O’Reilly (Director) Irish, Alex Gibson of The Persuaders, Willie O’Reilly (Commercial Director) RTE and Steve Dempsey (Journalist) Sunday Business Post.