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iQ Branding Solutions

Print, Display & Signage Branding Solutions

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iQ Branding Solutions is an Irish company that specialises in print, display and signage solutions for businesses and brands of all sizes throughout Ireland.


iQ Branding Solutions produce all forms of print communication from simple fliers and brochures to large-scale, 48-sheet billboards and bus sides.  Our award winning creative studio design and create innovative, eye catching display systems for retail and exhibition spaces.  Our signage experts design, manufacture and install large, complex signs in the most unlikely places.


Collective Experience

Each of the IQ Branding Solutions management team has over 20-years experience in the signage, print and display sectors. They have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world and are high achievers in their different fields. To support them, they have recruited a committed team of specialists with a diverse and talented skill base.  This means the iQ Branding Solutions can tailor the perfect team with the required skills for every project.


Extensive Capabilities

It is the broad scope of capabilities that has heightened iQ Branding Solution's reputation as a one-stop shop for any print or signage project from concept through to installation.  What has set the IQ Branding Solution apart is our ability to successfully manage large or complex print and signage projects, to implement creative solutions and our ability to make your brand shine.

  • Project management of large nationwide roll-outs.
  • Specialized fabrication and manufacturing.
  • Complex design and engineering projects
  • Award winning in-house design studio team there when you need it.

Industry Expertise

Our commercial and industry experience spans a broad spectrum of fields and includes retail, entertainment, real estate, construction and many more.

We take great care to understand the demands and requirements of the different sectors we work in – and we apply our advanced knowledge and experience in these sectors to ensure we deliver the right solution to our clients every time and on every project.

About iQ

IQ Group is an Irish company that specialises in print, display and signage solutions for companies of all sizes throughout Ireland.


When we started iQ Group in 2009, we made ourselves one simple promise – To deliver print and signage solutions to our clients that would be defined as world-class. It’s a promise that we continue to keep.


Quickly, we found ourselves collaborating on projects for many of the world’s biggest brands. To this day, they place their faith in us to provide solutions that inspire, excite and deliver the desired results – first impressions that stay long in the mind.

Every day we apply this principle to an array of projects as varied in scale as the ideas behind each of them. One day it might be a vast tension-stretched canvas to wrap an entire building, the next complex window laminate signage for a new store opening.


Whatever the project, we always apply the same process each time. We take care of absolutely everything, from inception to completion including a site survey, conceptualisation, design of artwork, printing and installation.


At our core is our flexible, no nonsense approach and a commitment to innovation that ensures that the promise we made to ourselves all those years ago will never be broken.


Paul O'Mahony


Tel: +353 1 625 1355


Gary Upton


Tel: +353 1 625 1355


Jannetje Van Leeuwan


Tel: +353 1 625 1355


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Tel: 01 625 1355
Fax: 01 686 4992
Address:36 Canal Walk, Park West, Dublin 12 Ireland


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