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The Communications Clinic

Our consultants have trained tens of thousands of people in media, and they’ve presented and produced innumerable radio and TV programmes. We train in writing and we’ve edited magazines, newspapers and books and we write features weekly. We claim expertise in negotiations, public relations, presentations, broadcast, writing and speechwriting, and we’ve published books on all these topics (many of them on university syllabi).

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What we do is deploy some well-developed skills. We’ve spent a cumulative 160 years studying why people do what they do and say what they say. And we’ve spent the same amount of time figuring out how to help them do it better. If you hire us, we'll take our time to understand what you need, what makes you unique and how we can deliver for you. No guff. No theory. Just expertise. And dedication.

Training Clinic

Our training programmes are unusual. They’re based on our expertise. If we’re not expert in it, we won’t train in it. Our programmes are designed to make you better able to do stuff. We don’t give you bigger words for the things you can’t do, we help you gain skill. We assess your competence before we tell you anything. Like a sports coach; we can’t help you hit the ball better until we see how you do it right now.

Upcoming Courses

  • Speechwriting
  • Business Writing
  • Writing for Publication
  • Media
  • Broadcasting
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Sales /Customer Care
  • Negotiations
  • Presentation Skills
  • Personal/Professional Development Training

Crisis Clinic

We’re real good in a crisis. And we’ve dealt with a lot of them. Tourism disasters, oil spills, accidental poisonings, crashes, explosions and innumerable corporate embarrassments.

And some of them make great stories. Stories that we can’t tell. Because our first job in most crises is to minimise their public impact, which militates against us talking about them.

We can’t tell you what we’ve done, but we can tell you how we do it.

Careers Clinic

Our careers clinic helps people get jobs, it helps companies recruit the right staff, and it helps the same people and companies when redundancies hit.

  • Job Interview
  • Retirement Planning
  • Outplacement
  • Professional Development
  • Recruitment Interviewing

PR Clinic

If you want help selling washing powder, don’t call us. There’s nothing wrong with washing powder. But it’s not really our thing. ‘Our thing’ is helping companies, state bodies and people deal with their public issues and develop their brands, reputations, relationships, profile and bottom-line.

Hire us and we ask questions. And we don’t stop asking until we understand what you do, what you need and what you want. Then we deliver.

  • Media Relations
  • Event Management
  • Public Information Campaigns
  • Corporate Communications


Anton Savage

Managing Director

Tel: 01 668 0280


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Address:The Old Synagogue, 37 Adelaide Road, Dublin 2, Ireland


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