Facebook Ads have revolutionized the world of advertising by making the process easier. We’re already familiarized with its interface and everyone with a facebook profile and fan page can have access to it. Facebook brought paid advertising opportunities to big and small companies regardless of their budget. But, what about conversions and ROI? Is Facebook Ads really delivering that kind of revenue it promises?

I would say it depends. Due to all the information we give freely to Facebook when we open our personal profiles, this social network has a big database of our interests, demographics, migratory movements, hobbies, idols, education, among others. Ad targeting is easier and more effective, and it’s more accurate to know how many people match our targeting criteria for a specific campaign.

A social platform

In terms of reach, Facebook is a big tool to increase awareness whatever the objectives of your campaign are: promoting an event, launching a product, getting people to know your brand, promoting your content. But when it comes to conversions… well, that’s a different story.

We can’t forget that Facebook is a social network. Social, not specifically a sales channel. It’s a platform to create connections with people (customers and potential customers), to entertain, to inform, to educate, and nowadays due to the growth of influencers, to influence.

According to a recent research by Splashlight, fewer than a third of US consumers are influenced by Social Media when making a purchase decision. And with the increasing number of people investing on Facebook Ads, I’m sure you have noticed how the social platform has become a shop window by bombarding people with ads promoting services/products they even didn’t know they need it or want it.

People are getting tired of so many ads

People on social media are not on search mode. In fact, people are being bothered by constant ads. A survey carried by Lithium Technologies in 2016 shows that 56% of native digitals are using less frequent or even have stopped using social media platforms due to ads on their news feeds.

Targeting on Facebook is getting better. Recently Facebook is testing ads when people make an in-store visit. We are chasing customers and potential clients in a very aggressive way and this is causing a massive rejection to ads. So, what should ads really do to avoid this kind of response from people they want to target?

Instead of a sales discourse, ads should call attention and take people to the website, a better place to generate sales. If you are looking for instant conversions (in terms of sales) with a small budget, you are wasting time, effort and money. Try to focus on other aspects such as sparking curiosity, inspiring or entertaining. The objective can be the same, but another approach can be more effective.

If you are just starting with Facebook Ads, take this into account:

6 aspects to improve Facebook Ads

Set specific, measurable goals to track the ROI of your campaigns: page likes, engagement, opt-ins…

Narrow your target: if your audience is too broad, the conversion is more difficult. More reach doesn’t mean better reach.

Choose the right ad format: a video, image, carrousel… depending on what you’re trying to achieve, choose the one that will adapt better to your message and audience.

Try different ad sets and test them!

-Create eye-catching optimized images and a clear copy

-Don’t forget the CTA (call-to-action) for the goal you set for your ad, not for your intention to sell.

Remember that people go to Facebook to connect with their contacts and to relax watching amusing content. So try to create ads that engage with people’s expectations. Give it a try and let us know!


Sourced from MJC Studio