Hyundai is leveraging humour to promote its latest high-performance line, the N Class. In doing so it subverts the self-importance of luxury brands.

R/GA handled strategy and creative for the ‘Feel the Feeling’ series. Across four videos entitled ‘Hairdryer’, ‘Cologne’, ‘Headphones’ and ‘Launch’, the campaign takes clichés and leaves them in the dust, showing the untamable power of the N line.

N cologne smells like burnt rubber, N headphones immerse listeners in the noise of the N, and the N hairdryer overperforms blowing the user a little more than desired. Hyundai describes its positioning as ‘ironic premium’, looking to put out a playful spin on the brand.

James Temple, executive vice-president and chief creative officer EMEA, R/GA, said: “Our aim with this campaign is to stand out of the crowd, to shake-up the staid formula of car advertising, and most importantly to have some fun with viewers.

“We want people to rethink their views of Hyundai as a practical, compromise choice, to a brand which shows people through the power of ’N’ that they make cars that are fun to drive and which aren’t like anything else out there. All achieved through combining some mischief with innovation in this transformative car campaign.”

The brand utilizes Tom Kuntz of Old Spice fame, for a campaign of similar tone


Sourced from THEDRUM