Well, it’s 2018, so now’s the time to get your marketing plan in place, if you haven’t done so already.

To help, we think you’ll need to be aware of these marketing buzzwords in 2018.

Don’t worry, they’re not the useless jargon style buzzwords so many people loathe. These are useful marketing terms that will need to be part of your vocabulary this year.

Here are your digital marketing buzzwords for 2018:

Algorithm – Everyone wants to talk about Google’s algorithm updates or the Facebook algorithm making it hard for businesses to get their marketing messages in front of their target audience, but what does it really mean?

Well, you can think of an algorithm as a formula. It’s a set of rules Google or Facebook uses to determine what content shows up where. So, Google uses its algorithm to determine which businesses and websites show up for certain searches, while Facebook uses its algorithm to determine which posts are most important and relevant to its users.

SEO – SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s the way that we optimize for Google’s algorithm.

SEO involves optimizing your business’s website for searches by adding keywords, meta-tags and other information that search engines need to know in order to rank your business in the right searches for the right consumers. Don’t forget there’s more than one kind of SEO.

Marketing Automation – Marketing automation is exactly what it sounds like – it’s software which enables you to automate certain marketing tasks.

Even if this makes it sound hands off for you, you still need a human touch to set up your automation and make sure everything continues to run smoothly.

AI – AI stands for artificial intelligence, and it’s taking over the marketing world. You can think of AI as any time a machine mimics human intelligence.

Those algorithms we mentioned earlier are one example of how AI impacts your marketing strategies – the algorithms replace humans by quickly figuring out which businesses or websites should show up in your search results, News Feed, etc. AI is also used in advertising to determine which consumers see your business’s ads in search results or their Facebook newsfeeds.

AI is already an important part of digital marketing, but we expect it to become even bigger in 2018 and beyond.

Customer Journey – Your consumer’s path to purchase is longer than you think and involves multiple touchpoints across different channels and devices.

People don’t purchase products or services after the first click – it’s much more complicated than that. The customer journey is one of the most important things to understand when creating a digital marketing strategy.

Omnichannel – Along the same lines, omnichannel marketing means creating a seamless online presence (and marketing plan) that reaches customers wherever they’re searching or browsing.

Because the consumer’s path to purchase is longer and more complicated than it used to be, omnichannel marketing is more important than ever.

Attribution – Attribution is a fancy way to say figuring out which marketing channels are driving ROI (ROI was one of our buzzwords for 2017).


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