By Ogochukwu Obiajulu O

Writing everyday may look easy, but one of the greatest problems that Bloggers face is finding out time to commit to creative activities.

Blogging is Hard

And on a platform like Medium that finally offers creatives an opportunity to earn, growing an Audience is an uphill task that takes lots of dedication.

Being dedicated to something involves setting out blocks of time to do it. The issue for many is that there are also other Important activities that are squeezing the available time that they have.

I have seen posts by Bloggers on Medium who go on to highlight how unfair the Platform is, the complaints about the Algorithm is one which seems to go on and on.

Prior to blogging on Medium, I have built a blog on Steemit, so complaints about Content distribution are not new to me.

When doing my research about the benefits of blogging on Medium, I saw different posts by people who achieved success on Medium and are earning enough money to support themselves.

Such posts confirmed the possibility of earning from Medium, but I knew that earning was not as rosy as it looked.

For every blogger who is celebrating wins on Medium, there are 99 others whose blogs lies fallow.

They had given up along the way or could not keep up with their posting schedule due to a variety of reasons.

Maximizing time takes strategy, juggling blogging with work, Family time or school can be very exhausting.

You don’t have to sacrifice your blog growth for anything, these strategies will help know how to maximize your available time.

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Establish Your Priorities

The first step involves sitting down to note your daily priorities. It is at this point that you would decide what you hold in high esteem.

If you believe that your Medium Blog is Important to you then you have to name it as a priority. There are different reasons why people blog.

You may want to achieve some or all of the following

  • Grow an online Audience for your work
  • Create an online income stream.
  • Grow a personal brand or Authority in a particular Niche

Establishing your priorities is not the hard part. The real work starts when you have to make out time for those priorities.

However, know that Time management is hard, but it is not Impossible.

When you sit down and do this exercise you will most likely find a disconnect between what you know your priorities are and what you find yourself doing on a daily basis.

I used to think that I don’t spend much on Social Media until I Installed Rescue Time which was recommended by Darius Foroux

Those seeming quick glances on Social Media added up to a significant amount of hours by the end of the day.

No matter your reason for blogging, it is safe to say that your blogging activities should fall into these three activities.

  • Writing Content
  • Finding Readers
  • Building community.

Once you group your activities into these three major activities, you will get a quick glance of what you need to tackle daily.

You can now go ahead and set goals in these areas. For example, there are days that I engage more with the content of others and there are days I focus more on building content.

Medium has a Mobile App, so you can work on the go. If you find yourself stuck in traffic, Instead of opening Instagram to watch Cat Videos, you can open Medium and read and engage with the post of others.

Many people are seeking engagement on their posts, but they fail to realize that the fastest way to achieve this is by going out and engaging with the content of others.

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Practice Mental Blogging

Another challenge faced by bloggers face is finding topics to write about, it is not everyone that has the Superpower to come up with multiple drafts like Michelle Monet

The struggle of finding what to write about is real for many bloggers especially when a host of other activities are battling with your time.

There are two ways to solve this :

  • Read Widely
  • Map Out Topics

I put them in that order because reading widely helps make the second activity easier.

I find out that whenever I take out time and read many posts around online, I come up with a lot of things to write about.

Apart from Medium, a tool that makes this easier for me In Refind. It has a Mobile App that curates 30 top performing articles in your areas of Interests daily.

Mapping out topics works easier when you read widely. If you are able to map out a great number of things to write about then creating something like an Editorial Calendar would be easier.

Knowing what you are writing on a particular day helps a lot. On most days that I know what I am going to write about, I start by creating Mental Notes on points to add to the article.

If I remember a good quote or story that can be added to the story, I write it down on my notepad.

Mentally mapping what to write gives me a solid base to build upon when I start writing.

Having a sort of content calendar and Ideas to build upon will give you enough fuel to run with and help you ensure that you would never run out of things to write about.

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By Ogochukwu Obiajulu O

Sourced from The Writing Cooperative