By Clare Lane.

To succeed as a content marketer in today’s demanding communications climate, pros must have a hybrid skillset.

According to research from Fractl, nearly half of the content marketing jobs on call for both technical and creative skills. To find success, an ideal marketer should be both a technician and an artist.

Here’s how those traits can set you apart from your competitors:

Creativity and ingenuity

More and more, employers want employees with creative flair.

From Fractl:

Creative skills differ from practical, technical skills because they’re less tangible and more conceptual. Our study ranks the top five creative skills as writing, marketing strategy, content strategy, thought leadership, and brand development. Such skills are best learned through hands-on training, often acquired through experience; however, marketers can also learn from authoritative industry resources.

Technological knowhow

Although many emerging marketers regularly use technology, Fractl data say they lack relevant technical skills.

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Even if you have minimal experience with Google Analytics, recruiters advise mentioning that in an interview or presenting it prominently on your résumé.

Here are a few other in-demand tech skills:

Our study ranks SEO, HTML, Google Analytics, CSS, and programming as the most common technical skills that today’s content marketers need to master.

Consider yourself a tech guru or creative leader? Santa Clara, California-based Apple is seeking acontent marketing manager to write and produce various types of downloadable content. Applicants should understand how to build and manage a rich content calendar that can attract a qualified audience to Apple blog posts, white papers, reports, webinars, videos and infographics.

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Corporate media manager— Lynn Hazan and Associates (New York)

Communications associate— Google (California)

Freelance online editor— The Education and Training Foundation (United Kingdom)

Content producer— Northwestern University (Illinois)

Senior marketing specialist— Milestone Systems (Oregon)

SEO writer—On Target Media (Nevada)

Marketing manager— Greencheck Group (Wisconsin)

Public relations coordinator— Viacom (New York)

Content writer—Brafton (Illinois)

Marketing manager— Uber (Washington, D.C.)

Digital marketing analyst— Stony Brook University (New York)

Enterprise marketing content strategist— Adobe (Utah)

Digital content coordinator—Cox Media (Georgia)

Social media and digital marketing manager— Motel One (Germany)

Sales and events coordinator— Colorado Springs Event Center (Colorado)

Director of communications— City of South Bend (Indiana)

Publications and media coordinator— Beebe Healthcare (Delaware)

Content coordinator— Alliance of the Great Lakes (Illinois)

Social media manager— Blaze Pizza (California)

Public relations manager— Long Center for the Performing Arts (Texas)

Editorial assistant— Penguin Random House (United Kingdom)

Social media coordinator— Red Light Public Relations (California)

Assistant director of public relations—St. Louis College of Pharmacy (Missouri)

Communications officer— W. M. Keck Observatory (Hawaii)

Public relations and advertising manager— JC Resorts (California)

Brand experience associate— Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. (Illinois)

Social media manager—Travel Pirates (Oregon)

By Clare Lane

Sourced from Ragan’s PR Daily